106 year old woman dating

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A Brazilian pensioner has defied doctors to become the oldest person to get engaged at the age of 106.Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveira said yes to her 66-year-old toyboy Aparecido Dias Jacob at a ceremony despite being given advice by physicians not to go ahead with it.The smitten seniors with the combined age of 172 years have separate rooms at Nossa Senhora Fatima retirement home in Pirassununga, south east Brazil, and were determined to prove it's never too late to be with your soulmate after three years together.Medics assessed their health and age and warned the duo, known affectionately as Valda and Jaco, would not be able to cope with living on their own.But the elderly sweethearts exchanged engagement rings in a betrothal service organised by volunteers under an initiative called the Project of Dreams.Volunteer Fabiane Zaffalon, said: 'As they couldn't get married we came up with another way to make their dreams come true by holding an engagement ceremony at the retirement home.'In Brazil, an engagement ring is placed on the third finger of the right hand and when the person gets married the same band is swapped to the ring finger on the left hand.Valda wore a white dress with a fancy in her hair, pearls around her neck, nails painted and comfortable slippers.She walked down the aisle with her Zimmer-frame decorated with roses.

But her amazement went beyond merely making it inside the hallowed building.

Commenters marveled at all that Mc Laurin had seen in her 106 years, and all that she and her country had endured during that time. “I know you are a busy man, but I wish I could meet you,” she concluded, offering to “come to your house to make things easier.” And that’s just what she did one day last week after the Obamas apparently responded to her letter. It’s an honor.” “Slow down now, don’t go too quick,” Obama joked as Mc Laurin shuffled across the room to meet Michelle Obama. The memorable moment was not out of character for Mc Laurin.

“She lived to see two World Wars, the height of racial segregation and finally an elected black president,” wrote Alexandre Meister, before adding a parenthetical “hugs from Brazil.” And when one commenter said those praising the video were “sick,” she was quickly overwhelmed by supporters. Mc Laurin cackled with glee as soon as she caught sight of the president. “She has a flirtatious spirit and is a pure joy to be around,” said Savetria Francis, the principal of a D. school where Mc Laurin volunteers, in a 2012 interview with the Afro-American newspaper.

After a short message and prayer, the happy couple said 'yes' to stay loyal to each other and exchanged engagement rings.

The event was lavishly decorated with a four-tier cake, flowers, cupid ornaments and scattered rose petals.

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