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While I am able to clear out these posts, I am unable to edit the script that drives this particular guestbook.I am willing to set up a guestbook for people to use, like this one, but with a different type of script that I can use and edit to respond to these types of threats.

Shawn Hamilton We just had the best week of the summer up there!!!!!!!

I have resided on Bear Island for the last 12 years but have been banned from there for the last five years.

But, I continue to visit there steady as my family history goes as far back to the 1870's.

Shawn Hamilton Many years ago he roamed the woods..... If any one can give me their new/proper emails or phone numbers I would appreciate it.

Also If any other readers are interested in purchasing my cottage please contact me at my Florida email [email protected] the first week of April or call me here at 9.

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