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READ MORE Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is out of the grasp of the law, but he still might get tackled by the NFL for a probation violation. We’ve never been shy about interjecting opinions on stories we cover, especially when it comes to two celebrities dating, and we weren’t shy with our disgust at that rumor.I had seen the twitter picture before this story ever came out, but it looked like she was just a fan!She put the twitter picture up and underneath it wrote ” Ahmad Bradshaw Baby” or something like that, so it just looked like she was a fan!I know all his close friends and I have never met nor heard of her!Ahmad told me that he knew her and that he had seen her in clubs around NJ and NY but to say they are close friends is just not true!Jessica was more than able to supply us with proof of the two being together and through our correspondence, it was easy to see that she was a well spoken, thoughtful individual who had some interesting perspectives on the life of the girlfriend of a pro football player.

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JM: Well I can tell you that excitement about BJ leaving is not what we feel! He is an outstanding father and a wonderful husband! Couch Coughlin makes the Giants a family, not just a team!They have no motivation outside of chasing these guys!These girls know where the boys hang out, where they eat, where they shop, and they are almost like stalkers in a sense! Sometimes it’s hard to go to the away games ,when you have babies at home , but we definitely go to all the home ones!If you are truly dating someone in the public eye, you do NOT write about it on twitter or post pics of that person with their name in all capital letters!I was confused by her interview because she said that her and AB were close friends?

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