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Within a few seconds of entering a chat room, "Tina" was besieged with messages. For example, Diana Strickland from Opelika, Ala., was 15 when she started an Internet friendship with Larry Stackhouse, a 43-year-old man living outside Philadelphia. "And then it gradually got sexual."Diana's parents, Mike and Teresa Strickland, say that their daughter was never much trouble.But one month into her online relationship with Stackhouse, she analysts dug into the 2015 numbers to learn what Cyber Monday shoppers have in common.They found that after the long holiday weekend, shoppers are looking for quick getaways and breaks from family: Cyber Monday shoppers are more likely to book solo and kid-free travel than any other type of trip, and were most interested in long weekends away. Alaska Airlines, together with its regional partners, flies 32 million customers a year to more than 110 cities with an average of 970 daily flights throughout global airline partners, customers can earn and redeem miles to more than 800 destinations worldwide.

He drove them back to Philadelphia where he kept them for three days. Continue to Catching A 'Traveler' to learn how investigators made an arrest.Members of the unit spend hours each day online, in chat rooms. In fact, his correspondent was a 21-year-old Blue Ridge Thunder officer. "This is definitely te worst case that any of us as investigators have ever seen," says the officer who portrayed the 13-year-old girl. "Not all of them want to talk about sex, but the vast majority do."On one particular day, he went online at 48 Hours's request as "Tina," a 13-year-old who likes to ride horses and ice skate. Many want pictures of her."I wish I could reach through the screen and lay hands on these people," Watson says."When we're online in undercover capacity, we will pose as anything," says Deputy Jamie Watson, who is part of the unit. "We will pose as adults; we will pose as people who are interested in trading child pornography."Take the case of Dr. "We can stay on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and communicate with people that we know are surfing the Web for children," Brown says. He had hundreds of sexually oriented chat rooms to choose from. In many cases, making the connection with targets can be all too easy. ' basic conversation like I would have with any of my friends," Diana says.Members of NAADAC or Accu Care subscribers receive a Certificate of Completion for 1 CE credit for free.Non-members of NAADAC or non-subscribers of Accu Care receive 1 CE for (make payment here).

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    First-arriving crews from Aloha Station 62 found a working fire coming from the side of the house and upon removal of the surrounding fence, determined a set of gas meters was on fire.

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