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They can join us or not in our campaign to turn things around for our white nations but WE WILL do it with or without them. I'm of the opinion that once the men get things going, the women will jump on board.

I just think it's important that we call a spade a spade.

The nation-wrecking, anti-family, anti-White Cultural-Marxists are the enemy. So while you whing on about mean females and ideological purity, Marine Le Pen has accomplished more, and may accomplish even more, for Nationalism than you can yourself claim.

Ultimately, we have to "Smash Cultural Marxism" and make it "OK to be White" again, for both White men and White women. The dating a Jew thing appears to be Jewish propaganda. Patrick Le Brun, "The Truth About Marine Le Pen's Jewish Boyfriend" | Counter-Currents Publishing If you're single then the reason could be that you're unattractive (esp women probably would need to be really unattractive), lack basic hygiene or social skills, maybe youre simply unbearable to be with. Maybe you subscribe to some sort of faith or believe system a little bit too much (I've certainly met Polish Catholic girls who were rather odd to date.

Farage in Britain, Trump in America, Geert wilders in Holland, Norbert Hoffer in Austria...list goes on. You know, the nationalist that has the best chance of bringing down the EJew. I could cite more examples of women at the forefront of nationalist movements but that, really, should be sufficient. You know, the nationalist that has the best chance of bringing down the EJew. I could cite more examples of women at the forefront of nationalist movements but that, really, should be sufficient. Some men and women are refusing to marry because they live in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Others are refusing to marry because they're just as happy to shack up.

"All peoples have ethnic interests and all peoples have a legitimate right to assert their interests, to construct societies that reflect their culture, and to define the borders of their kinship group."Well she's got her problems, no doubt, but she's close to winning the election over there. I guess extreme shyness or some sort of mental or physical disability could be another reason. I don't think any of them managed to settle down even years later).

Otherwise I can't see why anybody should be single.

In order for us to the current anti-White paradigm will not only have to be 'deconstructed,' but the "social construct" of Cultural Marxism must be driven from our lands.

A big part of our collective frustration, often misdirected towards the other sex, has been our inability to effectively identify and fight off our anti-White enemies as they divide-and-conquer us.

Many of our relationships (or lack thereof) reflect our unnatural, imposed reality where we are not free to be White.

Men may just give up, whereas women seem to end up in an endless cycle of being used sexually but otherwise pretty much equally alone.

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