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This fame gave him the net worth of about .5 million. He stands 19th in the list of the richest wrestlers in the world.CM Punk with his recreational experience made himself get registered in the school of wrestling. After that, he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Lita and Rios made their WWF debut on the February 13, 2000 episode of Sunday Night HEAT, where Rios was booked to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship from Gillberg.Punk started his career in the year 1999 and ended in the year 2014.He is very well known as an artist of mixed material.During her stay in Mexico, Dumas trained under numerous wrestlers, including Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, and Ricky Santana.Following the completion of her training, Dumas made several appearances with the Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre.

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