Are successful men intimidating to women

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They can fix their own cars, strike deals worth thousands of dollars and organize international conferences.

However, on the personal front, many of them are still waiting to meet their forever man. With their repeated failures at dating, several of them feel afraid that they have “grown too big” in their success to ever find a man who will love and accept them for who they are—glory and strength included.

I was the one blocking them from connecting with me because I felt afraid to be seen. If you were to suddenly take away all my external achievements and honours from me, I would feel naked, insecure and worthless.

Back then, I did not even remotely think that I could have inherent worth just as a woman—that I could be loved for just being who I was inside, the frills and feathers excluded.

So get wildly successful, dear ladies, and get really good at what you do and enjoy doing it and fill your life with it. If you’re a strong and successful woman who wants to be fiercely successful in love as well, check out my Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker.I have many smart, strong, high-earning, highly-talented women as clients who come to me seeking support with their love lives.They run companies, have MBAs and buy their own houses.However, and this is where the big catch lies, he will not fall in love with us BECAUSE OF it, either.During my Master studies, I made clever comments during my seminars, which were full of eligible bachelors from different countries.

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