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Chad, Zeke, and Jason find Troy on the rooftop garden and tell him that they know why Gabriella won't speak to him, prompting him to go apologize for what he said.

However, when he arrives at her house to apologize, Gabriella asks her mom to tell him that she's busy with "homework and such." In a desperate attempt to win her over, Troy calls her and Gabriella listens as he explains what happened.

She then sings When There Was Me and You, in which Gabriella indicates she has feelings for Troy that run deeper than friendship.

Completely crushed, Gabriella tells Troy that they won't be doing the callback.

Rather suddenly, Gabriella emerges from her hiding spot and asks to audition, and Troy abruptly jumps up and volunteers to be her partner.

After being told that they are too late, they help Kelsi, the pianist, pick up her things.

Troy and Gabriella decide to do the callback despite the resistance they are facing, so their friends resort to tricking them out of it so they are more focused on "important things", such as the 'big game' and the scholastic decathlon.She plays them the song What I've Been Looking For (Reprise), which Troy and Gabriella then sing together. Darbus, the theatre teacher, hears them singing, and gives them a callback audition.Once everybody in school learns that they are singing together, both Troy and Gabriella receive pressure from their friends to forget about singing.When Sharpay discovers that Troy, a jock (who's her crush), and Gabriella, a nerd, have a shot at being leads in the school play, she is enraged, and attempts to rally the student body around the idea that no one should do anything outside the realm of his or her clique.After the rest of the school find out about Troy and Gabriella auditioning, people start admitting secret hobbies and breaking the status quo.

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