How to Install the Ares Wizard on Kodi – Ares Wizard Kodi Addon

Ares Wizard could be the only Kodi tool you’ll ever require. It’s an absolutely free utility, which provides instant access to all the 3rd party software made by the programmer group dubbed the Ares Project.

Ares Project is the group behind cool builds like Apollo and CellarDoor TV. Moreover, the team hosts many of the most popular 3rd party Kodi addons.

If you are eager to learn more about Ares Wizard, read on for a quick walk-through of its features and also a concise review. Scroll down to the very end of the article to get the installation instructions.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known toreceive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV showsthrough various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth mentioning that buying a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

Main features

From the Ares Wizard main menu you can easily switch builds, load Kodirepositories, download addons, tweak your video playback settings, clear your cache and more.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to download Ares Wizard, you are free to check out its features first just to get a feel for what it can do. But if you’re already familiar with Ares Wizard and you just want to know how to download it, just scroll down to the bottom of the page for installation instructions.

Note: If Ares Wizard doesn’t load immediately after you install it, be patient. TheAres Wizard splash screen normally takes about 10 to 15 seconds to load.

  1. Switch builds instantly

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Browse Builds” menu.

Ares Wizard’s browse builds menu gives you access to Ares Build’s most useful feature: the ability to download and install new builds. To get a new build, allyou have to do is select the build you want and then press install.

Builds are great because they enable you to rapidly try out lots of different 3rd party addons. There are two types of builds available via Ares Wizard: green builds andyellow builds.

Green builds

Ares Wizard’s featured builds (highlighted in green) require you to enter a special code. In order to get the code, you have to click a link. The link brings up a webpage. Ignore the banner ads and check the middle of the page to get your 4-digit PIN code. Next, enter your PIN into Ares Wizard to get access to the builddownload page.

Here’s are a few of Ares Wizard’s most notable featured builds:

  • CellarDoorTV. After a long wait, the new Krypton version of CellarDoorTV is finally out. We haven’t tried out the new-and-improved Krypton edition of CellarDoorTV yet, but it looks great. CellarDoorTV turned to be our personal favorite build for KodiJarvis. It had a solid collection of addons, a beautiful skin and innovative IMDb integration.
  • Ares US Builds. This menu offers links to various flavors of the Ares USBuild, which is generally a revamped version of Shank’s Build. Shank’s Build’s creator is Eric Shankman– a community build developer that recently got promoted tothe official Ares Project programming team. If you are looking for a build that features built-in parental controls and lots of content from the United States, AresUS Build could be the build for you.
  • Ares Builds. We haven’t tried out any of the builds listed here yet, but the dolook interesting. Worthy options include Ares: Kids, a build for Amazon FireStickand a stylish looking build called Ares: Silver Surfer.
  • Apollo. If you’re looking for a beefy build that’s packed full of addons, this is thebuild for you. Apollo is a huge build that contains literally hundreds of addons. However, before you download it you should make sure that you have enough room for it on your device. You’ll need at least 750 MB of free space if you want tocheck it out.

Yellow builds

The builds that aren’t highlighted in green don’t require you to retrieve the PIN code. However, those typically aren’t as good. On the other hand, there are a couple that are definitely worth checking out.

  • KodiUKTV Builds. KodiUKTV is the maker of Nemesis, which was one of themost popular builds last year. The great thing about the old version of Nemesis was its beginner-friendly menu system. For some reason, KodiUKTV recently made up its mind to drop its signature simple menu system in the Krypton version ofNemesis. However, Nemesis is still a nice looking build and is worth checking out if you’re a fan of KodiUKTV.
  • TVAddons.ag Autoconfig. We haven’t tested this tool out yet, but it looks great. TVAddons.ag is one of the biggest 3rd party addon repositories out there rightnow. Typically, TVAddons.ag software is top notch. For example, TVAddons.ag’s new addon installer Indigo is probably the very best program of its kind. If TVAddon.ag’s Autoconfig build is anywhere near as good as Indigo, it’s worth a download.

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  1. Install all the most popular repos

If you click browse addons from the Ares Wizard splash screen and then select repositories, you’ll land on the menu depicted below.

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Install Repositories” menu.

3rd party addons periodically connect to Kodi repos (aka repositories) to downloadupdates. Even although it’s real to download “stand-alone” versions of addons, it’s better idea to download the connected version of an addon whenever possible.

The most popular repos come with installers that allow Kodi users to browse andinstall addons with ease. Here are a few repositories you should get once youdownload Ares Wizard.

  • Ares Project. The Ares Project repo is very well maintained and contains a ton of cool addons. You can use the browse addons button of Ares Wizard tofind and install addons from this repository.
  • TVAddons.ag repository. As told above, the TVAddons.ag repo is one ofthe biggest 3rd party addon repositories out there today. The majority of our addon guides require the use of the TVaddon.ag repo, so if you download andinstall it you’ll be able to save time when using this site to find addon installation instructions.

For more information about how addon repositories work, read: Best KodiRepositories of 2017 – The Top 3 3rd Party Repos

  1. Download the best addons

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Browse Addons” menu.

Many of our favorite addons can be downloaded and installed simply by using theAres Wizard’s video addons menu. All you have to do is click install to get theaddon that you want.

Here are some catchy addons to check out via Ares Wizard:

  • Exodus. Exodus has been the best movie/TV addon for several years now. Andnow that its developer has handed over the job of maintaining the addon to the team at TVAddons.ag, it’ll probably get even better.
  • Cartoons8. There are lots of cartoon addons out there, but Cartoons8 is thebest. It’s got both classic cartoons and Japanese anime shows and movies.
  • UFC Finest. If you’re a fan of MMA fights, you should definitely get the UFC Finest addon. It has got a great content archive and it’s maintained by an active creator, which takes requests via Twitter.

Looking for more advice for picking out addons? If so, read: Best Kodi Addons – Kodi Repository and Addon Guide

  1. Tweak your video playback settings

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Advanced Settings Wizard.”

By default, Kodi allocates a relatively small amount of memory for processing video. If yourun Kodi on a PC or laptop, you can increase the number for better performance. Justclick the tweaks button in Ares Wizard, then go through the advanced settings wizard. Ares Wizard will automatically generate the best settings for your system.

  1. Set an automatic cache clearing schedule

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s maintenance menu.

If you use Kodi on a PC or laptop, you don’t need to worry about your hard drive filling up with Kodi files that you don’t need. But if you run Kodi on a streamingstick or on a dedicated Kodi box, utilizing Ares Wizard to setup an automatic cache cleanup schedule is a good idea.

Interested in making use of a Kodi box or a streaming stick to watch Kodi on your living room TV? If so, check out these guides:

  1. Test your internet speed

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Internet Speed Test” menu.

If you use Kodi without a VPN, there’s a chance that your ISP is slowing down (aka “throttling”) your internet connection. Discriminating against internet users that like tostream video is illegal, but many ISPs do it anyway.

If you are eager to check to see if your ISP is charging you for bandwidth that it’s notletting you utilize, you can pull up Ares Wizard’s handy speed test tool. You can getto it via the more button.

For more information about bandwidth throttling, view: How to Bypass ISP Throttling

  1. Backup and restore your Kodi

A screenshot of Ares Wizard’s “Backup and Restore” menu.

If you want to backup your Kodi, you can do so by clicking the backup button inAres Wizard. The given feature is new and we haven’t tried it out yet, so we can’t comment on how well it works. But if you want to give it a spin, all you have to dois select a backup destination and then press make backup.

How to install Ares Wizard

In order to install Ares Wizard, you have to visit http://ares-repo.eu repository.aresproject.zip. Once you’ve got the repo file, all you have to do isopen it from inside of Kodi. From there, you can install Ares Wizard by via theinstall from repository menu.

Step-by-step instructions

In case you’re totally new to Kodi, here is a quick step-by-step guide for installingAres Wizard in Kodi Krypton.

Note: If the steps here below don’t match up to what you see on your screen, you’re most likely utilizing an older version of Kodi called Kodi Jarvis. You’ll probably have better luck with Ares Wizard if you upgrade to the latest version of Kodi. But if youcan’t do that, scroll down for instructions for installing Ares Wizard in Kodi Jarvis.

  1. Download the repository file

Go to http://ares-repo.eu and download repository.aresproject.zip to yourhard drive.

  1. Install the repository file

From inside of Kodi, click the addons menu on the side of the screen. Then, click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu. Pick up the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you savedrepository.aresproject.zip and click open.

  1. Install Ares Wizard

Now that you have the repository installed, click the box icon again. This time, click install from repository ares project program addons ares wizard install.

How to install Ares Wizard (Kodi Jarvis)

The Ares Wizard installation process is much the same in Kodi Jarvis. However, some of the menus are labeled a little bit differently in Jarvis.

  1. First, download the Ares Project repo by going to http://ares-repo.eu. The file you need is repository.aresproject.zip.
  2. Next, navigate to system settings addons install from zip file. Wait forthe “installation complete” popup.
  3. Now, go to system settings addons install from repository aresproject program addons ares wizard