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Prospective furries and their mothers, as well as trolls, DO view this page. Is there a sex fandom, of people with all kinds of fetishes that get together and talk about it? An insignificant flash game that will fade into obscurity where it belongs does not merit a page.--Kali Paige , 13 August 2011 (EDT) Our responsibility as a trusted reference is not to effect or advocate for change in the fandom, but to accurately describe its past and present. Tapestries MUCK and Tumbles the Stairdragon, just as it does Move Your Dead Bones, charity, Furcadia and the Funday Paw Pet Show.(For more information and my views on this matter, read the brief monologue on my user page.) Porn MAY be a part of our fandom's history, as you say, but is that what we're about? On your user page, you mention the need for a neutral point of view.The fact that some might object to the topic of such a game is not grounds for removal.To be blunt, porn is part of our fandom's history, it is present today, and it is likely to remain prominent in years to come.the article should be everything you stated above, not an instruction manual of sorts.Plus, as this article is, it risks irking people who are against cubs and cub sex.Understand that that covering the "bad" topics, as well as the "good" ones, is key to this policy.Wiki Fur is trusted in part because we talk about the things which would never make a convention's press kit.

Bgoldnyxnet , 2 February 2011 (UTC) Yeah a furry historical site that also has information on Softpaw Magazine, a well known Cub publication, within the furry community.

This article is mostly "original research", but it is research that can readily be duplicated by anybody who will go to the trouble of finding the game and playing it.

In short, it should meet the criteria for publication in a peer-reviewed journal: it tells you how to replicate the research.

Or in which you just have to push a few buttons or engage in some dialog to get to that point.

(And if you get the dialog wrong, you can just try again until you blunder into the right answer.) This is a real game.

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