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You will be required to pay back any overpaid benefits, in either of the situations set out above. If you are from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA), you have the right not to be treated differently from a British citizen.This will usually be paid back by in instalments deducted from the benefits you continue to receive. However, this does If you are from an EEA country and worked in the UK before becoming unemployed, you may be able to claim benefits while you look for a new job.You will have to explain why you are claiming backdated Jobseekers’ Allowance on your claim form. In certain circumstances, you may face a civil penalty or prosecution if you knowingly took benefits you were not entitled to.

If they decide not to change the decision, or to change only part of it, they will phone you to explain.

You can reach a customer service representative Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 8pm.

Attend an interview to speak to an adviser about the reasons for your current unemployment and the type of job that you are seeking.

The tribunal will then advise you on whether or not they can deal with your case, and how to proceed. You have one month from the date of the original judgment to do so.

In exceptional circumstances, you may be allowed to submit an appeal up to 13 months after the decision was made, however, you will be required to provide evidence of these circumstances (such as illness, bereavement, or being outside the UK at the time). Can I have representation or an advisor at my appeal hearing?

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