The Beast Kodi Build – How to Install The Beast Build on Kodi

If you’ve ever utilized the search term “1Best Cody build” on Twitter, Google or YouTube you’ve probably stumbled on promotions for the Kodi build dubbed The Beast.  In order to see what all the fuss is about, I’ve recently made up my mind to the beast Kodi install and give it a spin.

Notwithstanding all the aggressive social media marketing surrounding it, The Beast appeared to be another average Kodi build.  To be fair, the selection of App you get with it is quite decent.  However, I personally don’t care for The Beast’s clunky interface and “college dorm room” style artwork.  Perhaps the most annoying thing about The Beast is that in order to download it you have to navigate a spammy registration page that’s filled with misleading adverts.

If you are eager to figure out how to download The Beast without accidentally clicking a banner advertisement, read on for an in-depth guide on how to install the Beast on Kodi.  On the other hand if you’d rather check out the best that the Kodi community has to offer when it comes to builds, jump over to our latest Kodi buildroundup.

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1 Before we Proceed

You’re welcome to use a VPN when employing Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App.

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2 How to Install The Beast on Kodi (without accidentally clicking on a banner ad)

In a nutshell: In order to get The Beast build up and running, you first have to sign up via the registration page.  Then, you have to download The Beast Wizard and enter your login information.  After this, you’ll be able to open the The Beast Wizard and pick up a version of The Beast to download and install.  Follow the detailed instructions here below for help to avoid the nasty ads you’ll encounter along the way.

Note: For best results, install The Beast over the latest version of Kodi “Jarvis.” The Beast build may not work properly if you’re using Kodi “Krypton” 17.0.  

install the beast on kodi

2.1 Step #1: Go to and scroll past the ads on the top of the page

You’ll have to turn off your popup blocker to get to The Beast’s registration page.  Click the “x” on the ad, ignore the green buttons that are actually ads and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Click “X” to avoid clicking the popup and don’t click any of the green buttons.

2.2 Step #2: Sign up for an account via the registration form

The signup form below will give you account credentials you’ll need to access The Beast Wizard.

There’s no need to provide your real email address here. A fake one will suffice.

2.3 Step #3: Login and click the red verification button

Login, then scroll down until you notice  the form depicted below.  Then, click the red button under the column dubbed “verified?” 

2.4 Step #4: Download The Beast Wizard

Go to and download  Then, open the file from inside of Kodi by simply navigating to system → settings → addons → install from zip file.

2.5 Step #5: Install The Beast

To open The Beast Wizard, you need to enter your login credentials into its configuration menu.  The easiest way to get to the Beast Wizard config menu is to choose the Beast Wizardand press the “C” key.

After you’re in the Beast Wizard, choose a version of The Beast to install.  The version of The Beast reviewed below is The Beast TV Dec 29th.

3 Review of The Beast build for Kodi

Last month I gave Beast Kids the horrible review that it deserved.  So when I tried out the adult version of The Beast today, I was expecting to encounter yet another low quality build.  However, The Beast wasn’t as terrible as I assumed it would appear to be.  In fact with a little more work, it could eventually become a halfway decent build.

3.1 The Beast’s movies page isn’t bad

The most promising page that The Beast has to offer is probably its movies menu.  There you’ll see a nice choice of widgets that present DVD cover art for a rich variety of popular movies.  And if you hover over one of the widgets, you can read some basic facts about a movie before you watch.

A screenshot of The Beast’s movies menu page

However, if the movie’s plot synopsis is long it gets cut off– and there’s no way to read the full thing.  It’s very annoying.  Also, plot info is only available for movies featured on the main page.  If you access a movie via Exodus, Spectro, SALTS or one of the other movie App featured in the submenu all you get is the title and the cover art.

Note: My current favorite build CellarDoor does a much better job of displaying movie info and cover art.  Ensure  to check out the November edition of our monthly build roundup for actual screenshots and info about CellarDoor.

3.2 Echo TV Guide is also pretty good

In addition to its movies page, The Beast’s Echo TV Guide addon is also pretty decent.  I’ve been willing to check out Echo Coding’s TV guide addon for a while, so I was very glad that the makers of The Beast decided to add it into the mix.

A screenshot of Echo TV Guide

Echo TV Guide’s menu looks much like a typical digital cable TV guide. All the most popular cable TV channels are present and accounted for– but it’s up to you to configure them.

When you click one of the shows listed on the guide, you’re taken to a configuration screen.  From there you can point the channel toward whatever streaming TV addon you want to use to harness the stream.  For instance, I was able to configure the ESPN channel to pull in a working ESPN feed from Evolve.

Considering the ephemeral nature of cable TV feeds, it really makes sense to have the user to configure each channel individually.  If a link goes down, you can manually change it with just a few clicks.

3.3 The interface: all beast, no beauty

Veteran Kodi users will not have any problem utilizing The Beast, but newcomers might feel a bit lost.  Most Kodi builds come with a navigation bar, but The Beast doesn’t have one. All you get is the name of the page that you’re on at the bottom of the screen.

Also, The Beast’s default background image is kind of cheesy.

I also don’t like the way The Beast looks once you get past its major menu screen.  Lists and menus look like rows of chunky looking rectangles.

3.4 The Beast’s “favourites” page is pointless

The Beast’s favourites page has a few App that I’ve never heard of before: silent hunter andstream army.  But neither addon brings anything new to the table, so I’m not sure why they’re featured on the favourites menu.  Perhaps, whoever created them is friends with whoever put The Beast build together, or something.

Stream Army

At first I was intrigued when I came across an audiobooks category on stream army, but it’s so sad that themenu was devoid of content when I checked it out.  The rest of the content seemed like pretty standard stuff: lists of movies and TV shows, etc.

Silent Hunter

Silent hunter features a list of links to 4K videos, but aside from that it’s quite unremarkable too. For whatever reason, a category called “New Releases Crap Copies” is included on the main menu page.

3.5 Pros

Having seen all kinds of promotions for The Beast all over the place, I actually expected to be blown away the previous month when I reviewed Beast Kids.  However, Beast Kids turned out to be really awful.  That’s why I expected the worst from The Beast going into this review.

Surprisingly, The Beast happened  to be a pretty alright build in general.  If all you want to do iswatch movies and TV shows, it won’t disappoint you.  Its movie and TV pages are okay and the addition of Echo TV Guide was a smart move.  The Beast also seems to be fairly well maintained.  The latest update came out just a few days ago.

3.6 Cons

On the other hand, The Beast’s design could definitely use a facelift.  Its interface looks quite clunky compared to other Kodi builds, especially after you get past the key menu pages.  Also, many of the extra App that The Beast contains could be eliminated without taking away from the overall experience.

3.7 Final Thoughts

The creator of The Beast is obviously well familiar with the Kodi community.  All the most popular App are there in the build, including several new ones that just came out.  But because of The Beast’s intentionally confusing setup and its banner ad covered signup page, my gut feeling is that the creator of The Beast’s key objective is to make a quick buck– not to create a quality build that Kodi fans will use and like.

I really don’t have a problem with a guy making attempts to make some money online, but the misleading way that the advertisements are arranged on the signup page bothers me a lot.  Other build creators put more time and effort into their work, and they probably aren’t even making any money at all.  Let’s hope that in the future, Kodi’s build makers will devise a way to get paid that isn’t as annoying and manipulative as the scheme that the creator of The Beast is currently using to turn a profit.