Best Kodi Addons for 4K Movies – Watch 4K Movies on Kodi

Movie quality is becoming more and more breathtaking. 4k now is a standard for movies, nonetheless there are a few streams in 4k available even on Kodi. The best Kodi addons for 4K movies is the best app to install for watching HD movies. Of course, there may be others you have never tried before. You can get 4K movies on Kodi using just some addons.

Note: Now a lot of Kodi addons are offline, the situation may have changed by the time we have written this article. Also some adddons might disappear, so there is no wonder if you can not find an addon we have described here. If you find a functionality issue with any addons below, please let us know.

Disclaimer: This guide is created in order to help users to find content they have already purchased, however, due to this or that reason they are unable to access permanently or temporary due to some reasons. Our company doesn’t hosts, develops, produces any software mentioned in this article. For more, read our full disclaimer here.


Before we Proceed

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Best Kodi Addons for 4K Movies

There are not so many addons on Kodi providing with high quality picture or providing potential 4k. What “the potential” means is that those addons mention 4K movies somewhere in the addon — either in the settings on in the menu options.

This list is made out of two different groups: the best option, which consists of just one addon, Skynet, and a few other options that have the potential to deliver 4K.

Skynet: The Best Kodi Addon for 4K Movies

This addon is far from perfection, but still the Skynet Kodi addon has a great feature: opening great 4K movie content. Skynet is a somewhat new Kodi addon, offering among the most 4K movie content you’ll find on Kodi. Period.

As this is the first time we’ve put this addon to the test, we’ll give you a more thorough review of what you’ll find inside.

For now, here’s how to install the Skynet Kodi Addon:

  • Open your Kodi app
  • Click on the gear symbol at the top to get to settings

  • Select File manager

  • Select Add Source

  • Where it says “<None>”, paste or type in the following web address: http://maverickrepo.net/ (you can click this link to make sure it’s working)

  • Type in a name for it (such as Maverick) and then hit done
  • Return to your Kodi home screen
  • Highlight Addons, and go to My Addons at the top

  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top

  • Click on Install from zip

  • Click on your Maverick folder

  • Click on the repository file, repository.maverick-x.x.zip (the version number may change)

  • You will see an install message. Go back one screen and click on Install from repository (which is above the Install from zip menu)
  • Locate the MaverickTV repository

  • Click on Video addons
  • Click on Skynet
  • Click on Install

You should get a message that Skynet is now installed (and ready for entertainment domination).

Skynet Walkthrough

We think that Skynet is the best 4K addon available now on Kodi. When you open up Skynet, you’ll see that there’s a section just for 4K movies, labeled “Sky Net 4K Movies”. Opening that folder will give you two more options:

  • Skynet 4K UHD
  • Silent Hunter 4K UHD

Silent Hunter received more functions than Skynet 4K UHD. In Skynet 4K UHD, we saw 40 films currently listed. In Silent Hunter, there were 95 films listed. However, for Silent Hunter, half of the films require you to have a Real Debrid account.

For new clients of Kodi, all movie addons do the web scraping to pull streams for display into Kodi. The Kodi application doesn’t host any films, and most addons don’t host the films either. Instead, the films are located on websites across the web, and most movie addons employ web scrapers that search out those films and display them on Kodi.

To pull films in Kodi addons use simple URL resolvers. URL resolvers access the file lockers on the websites that are to be scraped, determine whether the video files are playable, and then handle all of the coding required to play the streams properly in Kodi. One of the most well-resolvers is “URL Resolver” which powered the Genesis movie addon and now powers Exodus.

URL resolvers have better functionality on multihoster programs like Real Debrid. Real Debrid, which is the most popular multihoster, is a premium hosting service that gives the URL resolver and Kodi’s addon scrapers more options to pull from. Multihosters like Real Debrid purchase premium accounts for paid file lockers and resell those accounts’ access for a price. Buying a subscription to Real Debrid effectively opens up the option for far more movies and shows, as long as the addon integrates with Real Debrid. Most movie addons now do, but not all.

Without an account you cannot get the full access in Skynet. Nevertheless, Skynet still has the largest amount of 4K films, even when you toss out the ones locked by a Real Debrid premium account.

Please note that purchasing a subscription to a service like Real Debrid may be considered illegal in your country. We do not recommend purchasing a subscription.

Additional Kodi Addons for 4K Movies

Skynet is not the only addon providing with 4K videos, there are also some other solutions. Again, these addons are listed here because the have the potential for 4K films, but you may have to look particularly hard to find them. The addons either mention 4K in the settings or menus, but without 4K options specifically sectioned off for easy browsing and discovery.

Black Hat

Black Hat has already some 4K films available inside. The downside is that this section is just a clone of the Skynet 4K UHD section found in the Skynet addon. You’ll also find Black Hat in the Maverick TV repo, so if you want to install it, you can just follow the process listed above for installing Skynet.

There’s no real compelling reason to install this addon. However, given the general rarity of 4K options on Kodi, it’s important for us to at least list it here.


Click here to access our Exodus installation guide

At this time of writing, Exodus is still intact, despite TVAddons going down. When trying to determine whether Exodus offers 4K films, we searched the settings. You can adjust the settings for Exodus to allow 4K options to stream when they’re available:

Here you can find out how good of a source Exodus is for 4K streams. We searched through some of the newer films and didn’t see any that were listed with 4K. This does not mean that there aren’t any, of course. 4K films are still pretty rare, and even our top pick, Skynet, only offered up several dozen options. Still, if you dig hard enough, you may be able to locate some 4K films hidden in the Exodusmenus. Additionally, as 4K expands and more films are offered in this quality, if Exodussurvives the current addon apocalypse, you’ll likely find 4K films more quickly through here.

UK Turk Playlist

Another great option is UK Turk Playlist. However, it’s somewhat of a misleading option when it comes to its 4K TV. When you open up the addon, you’ll see a large section specifically saying “3D and 4K”. However, when you head over to that section, there are no filmsactually displaying in 4K — they’re all 3D. In this case, the “3D” will display as the film showing up split on two sides of your screen, assuming you’re just watching it on a regular computer or device. 3D functionality in Kodi is a bit suspect, so 3D is really off the table for most people.

Additionally, UK Turk Playlist hasn’t been updated in quite some time, so the newest filmslisted for the 3D and 4K section were from 2016.

UK Turk Playlist makes it on this list simply for having those options available. If it does eventually get updated, the 4K section is likely to get some attention, making this one you’ll want to come back to in the future.

To install the UK Turk Playlist, do the following:

  • Open your Kodi app
  • Select the gear symbol at the top to get to settings
  • Open File manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Where it says “<None>”, paste or type in the following web address: http://repo.cazwall.com/sc/ (you can click this link to make sure it’s working)
  • Type in a name for it (such as Cazwell) and then hit done
  • Return to your Kodi home screen
  • Highlight Addons, and go to My Addons at the top
  • Select the ellipses (…) at the top
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Select your Cazwell folder
  • Select the “.Repository (Click here)” folder, and then click on the repository file, repository.simplycaz-x.x.zip (the version number may change)
  • After getting the successful install message, go back one screen and click on Install from repository (which is above the install from zip menu)
  • Locate the SimplyCaz repository
  • Select Video addons
  • Select UK Turk Playlist
  • Click on Install (you can click this link to make sure it’s working)

You will now find the addon amongst your other Video addons.

What Are 4K Movies?

4K movies are movies in Ultra High Definition. As with all forms of TV and entertainment device displays, 4K just represents the number of pixels available on the screen. More pixels means a higher quality image or video.

4K means that the each picture contains 4096 × 2160 pixels, which are the tiny dots that go into making up the image you see on the screen. Generally speaking, the more pixels on the screen, the higher the quality. Screen size does not need to increase to create 4K, as the size of the pixels can be condensed to create the same effect (which is why 4K smartphones, TVs, and big screen cinemas each exist separately).

Still, not so many devices can cope with such capacity. To that effect, 4K is not necessarily always something that all Kodi users are going to benefit from. 4K is still an extremely rare video quality, and in general is more designed for large movie screens that can handle that many pixels.

If you’re using a Kodi TV box, you can only benefit from 4K films if you have a 4K TV. On home television screens, the amount of pixels might actually be lower than 4K, with a minimum of 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 required for a home TV to be considered 4K. Nevertheless, the quality will still be significantly improved over a 1080p quality TV, which is the standard for most High Definition screens.

If your home TV or computer is not “4K”, it’s likely “2k”, which means that the max number pixels it can display is 1920 x 1080.

How to Find Your Own 4K Movie Addons

If you know of some functioning movie addons, you can check to see if that addon pulls from 4K streaming sources.

To check to see if any addon pulls from 4k streams, do the following:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to your Video Addons section
  • Right Click on the addon
  • Select Settings
  • Locate the video playback section (addon settings can vary)
  • Check to see what the Max Quality is for that addon
  • If you do not see 4K, the addon likely doesn’t pull 4K streams
  • If you see 4K available, adjust the settings so the addon will also pull from 4k streams

It may not work for all addons. Not all addons will specify their video stream qualities, or give you the option to adjust the quality of streams they pull from. Additionally, even when an addon pulls 4K streams, it doesn’t mean there is always a 4Kstream available for each movie. Older movies (mostly before 2015) are unlikely to have 4K versions as well