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If you encounter this reaction, try not to make her feel worse. This leaves you confused, because you thought she was so accepting about it. If a girl doesn’t hesitate when you tell her you’re waiting, then it can sometimes mean that she’s rationalizing.

Do what you can to break the tension and show her that her lack of commonality in that area isn’t a deal-breaker for you. Sexual virtue is really important to her too and she’s so glad that it’s so important to you. She has already sold herself big time on the idea of dating you, she’s hanging her hopes on you, and she’s going to do everything she can to make this work…that means mirroring anything you say and accepting it instantly, even if it’s something extreme like waiting till marriage. Sex is a part of relationships that she’s grown accustomed to, and she needs that connection to feel fulfilled.

If you remain committed to waiting, she may reevaluate her decision to enter into a realtionship with you once she realizes that you are actually serious about the waiting thing. Ultimately it’s an issue of affection and personality difference.

You tell her that you’re waiting till marriage and she jumps through the ceiling with praise and excitement. If she was a slightly different person, she could wait with you.

If she liked you just a little more, she could wait.

But based on her current personality and mid-grade affections for you, she just can’t.

There are other girls who would be happy to wait with you.

Secretly, you’re hoping that she’ll enthusiastically reveal that she’s waiting too. Most girls begin their lives with noble ideas about waiting, abstinence, and love, and then later they find themselves having to abandon them.You assign sex the ultimate meaning, she assigns it no meaning.You want a girl that can at least meet you half way. In my experience, it is not the girl who instantly praises your decision to wait that will end up being in a long-term relationship with you; it’s the one who takes the news seriously and hardly responds at all (outwardly).She is so appalled by the idea of waiting till marriage that she immediately tries to talk you out of it as if you had told her you were joining a Kamikaze squadron: “You’re ? More often than not, you will get this reaction from girls who have a fairly promiscuous past and a very casual attitude about sex.For them, sex is mostly physical and only a little emotional.

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