Can infant motrin be sedating

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Some preparations have more than one active ingredient.(For other ailments, see our sections on acne and GI complaints.)Ibuprofen: The transfer of ibuprofen in breastmilk is well studied.

Very little of this medication makes it into the milk (about 0.6% of the mother’s dose).

Studies have shown sinus and nasal rinsing to be highly effective in relieving symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis Saline irrigation is the safest possible treatment for rhinosinusitis in pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. However, it is not advisable to perform saline irrigation directly on a baby because of the risk of aspiration.

Bulb suction is the preferred method of relieving infant nasal congestion.

This section covers OTC drugs used for pain relief, cough and cold, allergies, and sleep aids.

A typical pharmacy has shelf after shelf of medicines that can be sold without a doctor’s prescription. Many concerned mothers wonder about the safety of these medications while they are breastfeeding a baby.

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However, untoward effects to the infants have not been described.Oxymetazoline: This decongestant comes in several formulations that last between 4 and 12 hours.There are no good studies of oxymetazoline safety during breastfeeding, however, very little of it is expected to reach the milk because it is locally administered and poorly absorbed.These include cetirizine (Zyrtec), loratidine (Claritin), and fexofenadine (Allegra). M., Chlor-Phen, Chlor-Trimeton Allergy, Teldrin HBP. Pseudoephedrine: Pseudoephedrine is an adrenergic compound used as a nasal decongestant. Pseudoephedrine commonly appears in combination products. Levels in milk have not been reported, but experiments have shown that it has poor oral absorption in infants.There is some anecdotal evidence that diphenhydramine can suppress milk production, but this pattern is not supported by the medical literature. Chlorpheniramine and Brompheniramine: These medicines are similar to diphenhydramine, but they have fewer studies about breastmilk safety. The non-sedating antihistamines are still better choices. Common trade names: Neofrin, Neosynephrine, Vicks Sinex Nasal.

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