Catch lines for online dating

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you being a complete stranger and all, this works really well!

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The women on here may say they are looking for substance but that is just not the case, a guy on here has much better chances acting like a complete dumb ass and being funny.

Unfortunately the guy saying he wants to meet his soulmate....alot of pressure on you.....guy using the funny approach, appears more lighthearted and someone you don't mind meeting, because there's less pressure if it doesn't work out.

But deep down I want the sappy guy, I just want to ease into it. I'm all for saving the horse and riding the cowboy Listen....

In fact, why don't you use a line that drew you to the person in the first place? There's nothing like trailer trash talk to get the mind humming..." Y'know? However, I'm learning the sappy profile are typically a ruse to get into my pants....

Was it appearance, or did you read the profile and come across a common bond? Come to think of it - that's why you get responses - because gals like me defend their reasons to use online. Laughter is a good quality, it helps when you're getting to know someone.

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