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$ svn mergeinfo ^/calc/trunk --show-revs eligible r350 r351 r352 r353 r354 r356 r357 r358 r359 r360 $ svn merge ^/calc/trunk --- Merging r350 through r354 into '.': U .

U integer.c U Makefile --- Merging r356 through r360 into '.': U .

U integer.c U button.c --- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r350 through r360 into '.': U .

command applied two independent patches to your working copy to skip over changeset 355, which your branch already contained.

$ svn diff -c 355 ^/calc/trunk Index: integer.c =================================================================== --- integer.c (revision 354) integer.c (revision 355) @@ -147,7 147,7 @@ case 6: sprintf(info- $ cd my-calc-branch $ svn propget svn:mergeinfo .

At the water cooler, you get word that Sally made an interesting change to on the trunk.Looking over the history of commits to the trunk, you see that in revision 355 she fixed a critical bug that directly impacts the feature you're working on.You might not be ready to merge all the trunk changes to your branch just yet, but you certainly need that particular bug fix in order to continue your work.The $ svn merge -r 1251 --- Merging r1289 through r1351 into '.': C bar.c C foo.c C docs --- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r1289 through r1351 into '.': U . C bar.c all exist in both snapshots of the branch being compared. Another small difference between , but is more conservative about backporting changes to a stable branch you use for releasing to the public.The resultant delta wants to change the contents of the corresponding paths in your working copy, but those paths don't exist in the working copy. On one extreme, you can manually cherrypick single changesets from the trunk to the branch—just the changes that are stable enough to pass muster.

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