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Some commercial synthetic voices sound almost perfectly human. I have ALS and I am starting to have trouble speaking. I cannot speak well enough to record full sentences.

Is there anything I can do to get a personal voice? What do I need to know about computers in order to create a personal voice? How can I verify that Chrome is using my headset microphone? Can I rerecord a sentence if I make a mistake or think I could do a better job?

When all of the phrases are recorded, we will convert your recordings to a synthetic voice. As soon as it is ready we will send you a web link to download a voice installer for your computer or device.

Back to top Yes, there is now a 0 USD fee for our voice banking service.

We now offer the possibility of using either a web-based recording tool or an installable Windows program called MTVR (an i OS recording app is in the works).Although the voice banking technology that we have pioneered has been of benefit to many ALS/MND patients, our primary goal remains that of providing high quality personal voices for pediatric patients, many of whom have never had a voice of their own.Please consider making a contribution to the Nemours Speech Research Lab to support our research toward that goal.However, a few people have not succeeded in creating a usable voice.Please listen to the samples on our Demo page to get a reasonable idea of the range of voices that have been created by users in the field.

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