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So, it started from Tinder dating application my mum chatted with this person name Johnson Rollins, he first introduced himself as an Oil rig Manager from Texas, Houston, United States. This has to stop so call someone and educate, research, call your congress, call Google, tell Facebook/Twitter so fight back. They want your MONEY They play on your romantic side and they brainwash you with imaginations and soft words of love or lust and what ever works they use phony children and they say they are a believer in God to get you to belive them. THANKS The woman who lost your husband three months ago, please don't listen to anything they tell you, his is not on a Rig, he is either in Nigeria or the UK and he probably never had a wife.He said that he has a 13 year-old son who is still at boarding school and wife passed away due to cancer. They lie about their oil rigs or famliy members and they cry and they beg. What I'm going to do is put out flyers with all the dating sites names and this website and maybe someone will start listening. He's still out there scamming and asking women for money to complete his mission of repairing an oil pipe line off the coast of Spain.Get her off social media or whatever sites she is on. SHE has a mental block so call a family meeting and try to get her to a mental health place. So if you have any input on this you can get in contact with me at [email protected] was reading an article about fake engineer oil rigs scammers. I just said I couldn’t right now and had some angry messages: because I know what he’s up to it didn’t effect me but could see how it could to someone more vulnerable. My cousin works on the Atlantis and he said heck no one has time for except, work, eating, cleaning up, sleep and start their day first thing in the morning again, he has never seen anyone talk about having someone on the net.Seriously that is why they groom her and it is all conditioning her and in her mind she is held captive by these scammers so take her phone and take the computer. And in December he suddenly had to go to Canada offshore to repair an oil rig. I haven't heard back from this dumb [email protected]@ but the next morning he said you don't say anything to me since I have a problem with the machine. Yes we're looking for love but you shouldn't have to pay for it. I was corresponding and talking on Whats App to a man who says he is from Oslo, Norway. He stopped messaging until a few days ago and came on with the smooth talk again and the further requests came..cannot access his account! I've been posting my comments here for the past 2 months on and off. I update my status on Whats App and boom, my first scammer eventually responded to my status. He is as smooth as they come and has a Spanish accent. Claims he has his own company--engineering services and procurement company. They would not waste their time doing such a thing because most are married.If she reads all our comments/posts, looks up Scammers on the internet and finds all the same stories, and still does not believe it, then you will not convince her otherwise. We all hate to see anyone get taken advantage of but sometimes they have to learn a lesson the hard way. You sweet mom has been brainwashed to get her to HELP. I had one that contact me on Facebook and I asked him how did he get my Facebook page and he said that it just popped up as people he might know and I said well it shouldn't have had and said because my setting is on private so I don't know how so he continued to tell me that he was a widower and he lost his wife and eldest daughter in a horrible car accident and he's been alone for like the last past 7 years. I have enjoyed the ride for 2 mths of attention and poetry and charm but once any money is discussed in any form its time to burst that bubble. Thankyou Everybody on this site Have posted previously about this character. Thanks in advance Marvel Clinton is a scum of the Earth and they made a movie of the Fire of the oil Rig that burned up in 2012 and men died and its sad this man would used this.So by you taking her means, that is one way of keeping her safe. If she plays Words with Friends, change her user name. She needs someone to take over the money and her keys "they also cast spells by Voo Doo". These men are living lifestyles of the rich and famous off your hard earned money. He says he lives in Charlotte North Carolina and he has all these expensive vehicles but when you do a tax search with his name and Mecklenburg County tax office nothing comes up. Right now I've got the flu and don't want to be bothered. He finally got round to asking me for £3500 as some kit was broken on the rig. If there is a fire they are evacuated and None Of These Men Are On A Rig In The Gulf. They hear it all the time and say their employees have no time for such nonsense, they work hard many hours and eat and say goodnight to their family on the net if they can get on, NO PHONE CALLS off a Rig and then they go right to sleep.Even though she’s not yet been on our screens, Hayley boasts over 9,000 Instagram followers and gets over 500 likes on every picture she puts up online. ’ I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it, I didn’t feel happy, and I sort of lost myself. She adds: "I like someone that is not afraid to show emotions.

To find out more about this year’s full Love Island line-up, click here.After winning a beauty pageant, 21-year-old Hayley, from Liverpool, was signed to a top modelling agency in Manchester. I’ve had a few direct messages but I’m quite fussy who I choose.It’s not surprising she’s got so many famous admirers, as her red-hot Instagram profile shows her posing in a number of revealing outfits. I don’t think he’ll like seeing me on the show.” Her social media profiles get Hayley plenty of attention but she admits she can afford to be picky about who she dates. Some people like to text people even when they’re not that into them, but I can’t do that.” And what kind of man could sweep Hayley off her feet in the villa?At first my mum told me about him and I thought he was a real and genuine person who was searching for real love through the Internet but boy, I was feeling suspicious when my mum showed me their conversations that this guy was in the middle of big project and its worth millions of dollars in China and Nigeria but he needs some money to release some stuff that he ordered for the offshore project. This after I kiddingly told him I can read him like a book. Mostly they use stolen images of hamesome white men mostly but they are Nigerian males and they are learning how to do this sometimes for years. They call you terms of indearment to soften you with words like Baby, Honey, Dear, and Sweety. Some other guy tried to scam me and after confessing to me that most men do that there because there are no jobs for them, and we became friends. He told me that Nigeria police is going after these scammers and now putting then into jail thanks to USA government being involved. She text and said her dad loved me and could she call me mom. He should at least be removed from LINKEDIN so he cannot access women from that business source. He says he is 48 years old, lost his wife and baby at childbirth. Words with Friends is a popular place for these freaks to find women.He said that he was in Nigeria and he was detained by local custom there for the goods he bought from China and he was subject to pay 2450$. up and always told me How to do it and if I didn't do it he be very angry I blocked him and I went to the police here in Sweden and I contacted Exxon mobil oil company and FBI in United states. I lost money but I am alive and can laugh again instead of wait on the guestion on money. They always have breakdowns and they always want you to pick it up for them. Be safe and educate yourself BEFORE you waste time building a FAKE relationship with a FAKE Loser!! Not sure how true it is, wish my scammer who stole everything from me three years ago was rotting in jail. Ha Tried to text back and some guy Michael answered and wanted to be friends. This is the one he got after 3 was supposedly stolen. They request as many games as they can possibly get to find that middle aged woman to "chat" with.

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