Classic principles of dating

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With Thucydides, the writing of war took a new direction.In contrast to the wars of Homer and Herodotus, the armed conflict that concerned Thucydides was fought primarily among Greeks.

Needless to say, Thucydides was convinced that he himself offered a far superior product.Some modern critics decry the speeches in Thucydides’ History as the failure of an otherwise truthful and authoritative narrator.Yet Thucydides himself apparently saw no problem; there was no conflict between his aim to tell what really happened and his use of speeches, although he did find the subject important enough to warrant an explanation: Insofar as these facts involve what the various participants said both before and during the actual conflict, recalling the exact words was difficult for me regarding speeches I heard myself and for my informants about speeches made elsewhere; in the way I thought each would have said what was especially required in the given situation, I have stated accordingly, with the closest possible fidelity on my part to the overall sense of what was actually said.It also involved events that occurred within the author’s lifetime, which introduced a contemporary dimension to the genre.Thucydides focused on offering a strong and authoritative account of the war, its causes, and behind the scenes negotiations.

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