Dangers of dating a narcissist

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For the students in the study, there was also a strong relationship between number of texts sent and received and risk of emotional burnout and lower level of well-being. Murdock suggested that a heavy text messaging "lifestyle" may not allow people to take a break from stressful communications and leaves them more vulnerable to interpersonal stress as a result.

The very act of text messaging can magnify the effects of interpersonal stress because of the time and energy involved in a non-stop social environment.

This leads to a greater cognitive and attentional load.

For students in their first year of collage, text messaging may be self-reinforcing with a high level of text messaging leading to a need to communicate more to handle stress.

This "cell phone lifestyle" can create a psychosocial trap for young people and adolescents that affects health and well-being.

In a 2005 Finnish study, for example, Finnish adolescents showed a strong link between cell-phone use and potentially life-threatening behaviours such as alcohol use and smoking.

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Recent surveys show that 96 percent of college undergraduates own smartphones (vs 82 percent of adults overall).

That cell phone and text-messaging appears to be linked to problems with interpersonal stress and burnout may not be so surprising.

Though this research study suggests tontinuous access to texting and cell phones can be linked to stress, there are still some limitations to what conclusions can be made.

Possible reasons for this relationship including students using their phones for texting late at night leading to a later beditime, more disturbed sleep, or the use of caffeinated products such as coffee to ensure that users stay awake while texting at night.

This lead to a greater likelihood of sleepiness during the day and reduced awareness.

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