Dating a ex felon

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She later slammed the convict-turned-model Meeks as he was once again pictured with Chloe at a swanky jewellery shop in Beverly Hills.

She wrote on Instagram: “Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.” A rep for Melissa declined to comment.

For myself I think it would depend on what the crime was.It doesnt mean they can't find good employment etc..Also as a woman that is married to someone that was convicted of felonies when he was younger, it has not effected my employment in any way.My husband is one of these men, so I know it is very possible.^^^^This is what I was thinking^^^^^ EVen if a felon has turned his/her life around, that conviction has a way of following you for the rest of your life as mentioned in this example.Anyone who marries such a person is also going to have to deal with those limitations that are imposed on your partner/spouse by the state. Yes the felony can follow the partner/spouse around, but that also don't mean they can't become a productive member of society.

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