Dating a female commitment phobe

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You LOVE to have the conversation and you NEED to have the break up moment because you think it’s what you need for closure and you like wondering ‘What if?’ I’m going to say something that some of you will not want to hear: With men that don’t know their arses from their elbow, who blow hot and cold, and who won’t commit to either being with you or not being with, you have to toughen up.Where are all my ladies who fear TF out of commitment? In general, though, the latter is something that’s always associated with men. Two young girls show up at a married man’s house and seduce him to cheat (not that it’s hard). I, for one, am pumped to have a family, but I also definitely fear commitment.When they do offer you a commitment, even if it’s just a dinner, be appreciate of it.

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“Lead by example and show them how rewarding it is to commit to people and to things. Men can feel like women and vice versa, which I know you all know, but we forget this in our daily lives.How would this story play out if two young guys showed up on a married woman’s doorstep though?And that is the barometer of how successful NC is – When they attempt to open the door, there must be no response. Sit on your hands, tape your dialing fingers together, reward yourself for getting to milestones but do not contact him. You need to move on and forget about him, not be hearing out of context information where people make more out of something than actually exists. No quick fumbles, slippery snogs, one last shag for old times sake, or any bodily contact. Otherwise wipe out all information you have on him because no contact means you are breaking up and closing the door on that chapter in your life. Day one, each time you think of him, mark it down on a sheet of paper in your diary or something. Or if you’re really hung up it might be better to do it by week. The trick is that if you are focusing on you and feeling in a better place emotionally, you won’t be thinking about this joke of a man.The door must be closed, not slightly ajar to hear whatever rinky, dinky, BS excuse he has. No calling, emailing, faxing, message in a bottle, texting, communication by osmosis, Morse code, or anything. Do not allow any of the following things to break NC: You’re hormonal.

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