Dating bardou telescopes

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Amazing original condition, producing equally amazing images guaranteed to wow and delight! In 1847 he immigrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts and took up the rope-making trade of his father.

Each leg measures 52 inches long and is fitted with a brass ferrule at its tip.

Peter apprenticed to his father in the trade, but his father's amateur interest in optics inspired him so much that in 1850 he opened an optical shop in London.

Two years later his father joined him in the venture.

It has a “5” element erecting system instead of the typical 4 found in telescopes from the 1750 onward.This is the first time we have encountered such work, clearly indicating its shipboard use!All lenses are original and in perfect condition, providing a good highly magnified upright image with the expected color distortion on the periphery of the field – the phenomenon Dollond later addressed with his patent.With his father, and subsequently with his younger brother and nephew, Dollond designed and manufactured a number of innovative optical and scientific instruments.John Dollond received a patent for his achromatic telescope lens in 1758.

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