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When a young Peele appeared on the ABC special "Kids Ask President Clinton Questions," he inquired how to help kids whose parents weren't paying child support.Peele has admitted that being biracial often made him feel like an outsider, such as when he had to place himself in the racial category of "other" when taking standardized tests (he began selecting "African American" as he grew older).He later revealed that he had made the decision earlier, after being offered a part in the animated (2017).Initially offered the role of "Poop," Peele at first demurred before deciding to accept, only to find out the character would instead be voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart.Some of his classmates didn't believe his mother was white, and growing up he sometimes felt his voice sounded too "white."Fresh off his Oscar win in March 2018, Peele revealed he would be reteaming with his old comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key for a stop-motion animated feature titled sequel, as long as he feels he can improve on the original movie.

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Fortunately, the movie not only got made, it became an enormous box office and critical success, bringing in more than 0 million worldwide (making it the year's most profitable film, as it had been produced for an estimated .5 million).

Peele was nominated for a Golden Globe (though many were stunned the film landed in the comedy/musical category) and later became just the fifth African American to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Director; although he lost out in that category, Peele scored a win for Best Original Screenplay. Peele also felt that a gripping tale would allow both black and non-black audiences to identify with his main character.

In June 2017, he was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Before turning to directing for the first time with Director Jordan Peele attends the Mo MA's Contenders Screening of ' Get Out' at MOMA on November 15, 2017 in New York City.

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