Dating customs elizabethan era

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Not all customs during Elizabethan era were the same as they are today though.There are several differences in comparison to the modern culture that we have now.Who knows–maybe they’ll be practiced five hundred years from now as well.If you would like to share any betrothal/wedding customs you particularly like, I would love to hear them!—————————— Jennifer Mc Gowan’s Maid of Secrets debuts May 7, 2013, from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.She is currently at work on book 2 in the series, Maid of Deception.For example, it was custom for the marriages to be arranged.Generally, the women would not take part in deciding who they would marry.

Generally, they all loved the customs and festivals during Elizabethan period that were held each year.

The bride-to-be would wear the ring on her right hand until the wedding, when it moved to her left.

A betrothal was binding but, unlike a wedding, it could be broken without terrible fuss for one of several reasons–including disfigurement of either party, infidelity of either party, or either the man or woman committing treason or heresy.

As far as records go, there is no sign of any divorces during the Elizabethan times.

Since women were considered to be inferior during these times this could be considered to be a terrible thing.

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