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The earliest known American sampler was made by Loara Standish of the Plymouth Colony about 1645.

By the 1700s, samplers depicting alphabets and numerals were worked by young women to learn the basic needlework skills needed to operate the family household.

Please be advised that this News Release is sent to various news and media outlets and also to the local Manor Township Crime Alert distribution list.

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17603 717-299-5231 NEWS RELEASE: May 15, 2015 To access the Crimewatch Us home page go to https:// and for the Manor Township Crimewatch site go to Adamczak has been in Lancaster County Prison since his arrest last month on other charges filed by other jurisdictions.

Please take some time to explore both sites and then bookmark our web page for easy future access. ALL PERSONS CHARGED WITH A CRIME ARE CONSIDERED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

By the late 1700s and early 1800s, schools or academies for well-to-do young women flourished, and more elaborate pieces with decorative motifs such as verses, flowers, houses, religious, pastoral, and/or mourning scenes were being stitched.

We use information from local and state police, courthouses, county sheriffs' offices and departments of corrections in order to provide you with most accurate and comprehensive police records report.Graeff-Chief of Police 950 West Fairway Drive Lancaster, Pa.17603 717-299-5231 MANOR TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT Todd A.ALL PERSONS CHARGED WITH A CRIME ARE CONSIDERED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.MANOR TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT MANOR TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT Todd A.

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