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Our partnership with Insala has allowed us to offer an entirely new service to our job seekers, which helps prepare them for getting their next job.

The assessments and career advice tools offered through our site continue to be successful, and the seamless support provided has proven very efficient.

Insala's partnership with UNFCU has directly impacted its ability to solidify an effective succession planning program and retain our high potential/high performing talent.

Insala provided a global online solution which helped align our business strategy with our management needs for the future.

Mentor matching is one of the biggest challenges involved in implementing a mentoring program.

This is a fantastic product that will really help our workforce.

The workshop is designed to help with the following: Participants: Key stakeholders including executive sponsors and program leaders Goal: Establish a strong foundation for mentor matching by determining business objectives and success measurements for the mentoring program and targeted employees/individuals Includes: Hi-Impact Mentoring Mentor Matching Software Using technology can maximize the efficiency of your matching and pairing process.

To ensure the success of your program, our subject matter experts can help you define the most appropriate criteria based on your business objectives.

Defining your objectives will help you specify why you're creating a mentoring program and what you expect to achieve through the mentoring process, as well as determine your ideal pool of mentors and mentees.

We believe that generating successful and sustainable mentor-mentee pairs is the most important factor of program success.

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