Dating postcard stamp boxes

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In the early years Milbro used a lot of LMC parts for their own wagons.The LMC bakelite wagons were also offered in special Milbro versions.LMC seem to be unique amongst model railway manufacturers in fitting the steps at the right hand end of the cabin, most other makers cabins seems to be fitted with steps to the left.

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Some have speculated that perhaps up to 50 percent of all postcards produced were collected.

Two original pre-war boxes (right) of railway chairs (PW/5), one box still sealed.

The box on the left is for the same item, but a late post war Ellemsee box.

In 1949 the Leeds Model Company introduced their first ever boxed train set.

The set pictured has all the cardboard pieces, including the ones protecting the 'Metalway' track. Passenger train sets were available in the big four and BR liveries.

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