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His first television appearances had come while he was still working in musical theatre.

The series dealt frankly with sex and included a number of sex scenes, some of them involving Richard Armitage and Julie Graham. In 2004, he was seen in Juliet Mc Koen’s small-budget but award-winning film, .

It was a performance that drew appreciative comments from female bloggers across the Internet, but also praise from critics who were divided about the series as a whole.

The series has been sold to several other countries including the USA, Canada and Australia, where it was broadcast in spring 2007. In October, he read from the letters of the former Poet Laureate in , the BBC's popular spy series about MI5, for its seventh series, playing MI5 officer Lucas North.

It was his first major TV role – he played John Standring, the shy farmhand who was in love with the heroine, Carol. It was swiftly followed a very different role in a high-profile drama series on ITV.

In February and March 2003, he was seen in the final series of as Lee Richards, the good-looking lifeguard with an eye for the ladies.

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