Dating rolleiflex serial number

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In contrast the Rolleiflex was a small metal camera which proved very popular with many similar cameras being produced by Franke & Heidecke and other makers.

High strap retainers.76179 , Internal body number 020485. Several large wooden TLRs were produced in the 1890s and continued to be sold until the late 1910s.

Leather covered metal body.6, 6 x 6 cm exposures on B1 (117) roll-film.

Not wanting to damage it, I started checking out Rolleiflexes and WOW was I surprised at the price for a good used one.But, I do have an old Nikon F and some other gear that I'd like to get some shutter speed info for. I shot with my 2.8f this morning -- he did the CLA this past October. If you have a camera that's not on his list -- he may be able to recommend someone. It would be a lot of fun responding to comments from strangers about the word "Magic" on my cameara. I've been a 35mm and now digital person my whole adult life (as a kid I had a Kodak Brownie - 626 film TLR and a couple of Kodak I-forget-the-model size 127 film cameras - remember these with the flashcubes? My dad had a Rolleicord that he used quite a bit documenting us kids growing up.Cheers, Dan Great article, I was just looking on the web for a replacement WLF for my Rollei Magic and found this, the link to Harry Fleenor should help me get at least two of my Rolleis tuned up, my old Rolleicord III is not on the list of cameras he works on. He did that for me with an Art Deco 1933 Rolleicord model. After my dad died I inherited his Rollei which had been hanging in a closet for about 35 years.Return to Oceanside main page The Maxwell screen's fresnel, split image and microprism have a fast "action", so when the focus adjustment is changed you perceive a difference. Other Maxwell screens and combinations of focus aids and grids are available by special order. #1), The Maxwell screen with a grid, split image and a micro prism ring. This screen is great if you have any vision problems, wear glasses or like to use focus aids. I will give a .-- discount on installation of either screen if you have a shutter or transport overhaul done at the same time.

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