Dating running out of things to talk about

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In previous article how to listen I mentioned one of the things is to be curious about your woman.When you are genuinely curious about your woman, you will have a lot of questions to ask about so the topics are numerous.

From my own experience, I found the main problem of making the conversations interesting is people care too much about the content than the connection. I have learned 15 lessons from my long-distance relationship and they can help you never run out of phone conversation topics to say.You get more topics to say by relating your current topics to other topics.For example, when my girlfriend said her friends act weird and their relationship seems different, I related the topics to my own experience about how weird one of my friends is and why I ended the friendship with him.When talking on the phone you feel running out of things to say, take a glance at the paper and choose one topic to say.Preparations prevent you to feel nervous and make the conversations go smoothly. If you use wrong ways to tell stories, a good story can be a bad one.

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