Dating usa japanese affairs

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Perhaps most importantly, it prevents Japan from evolving into a modern state and accepting the responsibilities that come with it.

Civilian control of the Self-Defense Forces has been enshrined in Japanese society to the extent that another military dictatorship is highly unlikely.

The alliance allowed Japan to offload its broader foreign policy concerns -- and commiserate military commitments -- to the United States.

Instability in the Persian Gulf, North Korea, even the concept of nuclear deterrence -- things that should have concerned a regional power with few natural resources and nuclear-armed neighbors -- were not direct concerns for Japan.

Postwar Japan, restyled as an exporter of consumer goods, signed a security treaty with the one country that could sever -- or guarantee -- sea and air links with the outside world.

The alliance with the United States meant flows of raw materials and energy in, and finished goods out, would be unimpeded.

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