Dating websites for bipolar

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Diagnosed with bipolar disorder I, Peck compares the task of guiding his 4,000-pound, 800-horsepower truck on an off-road course, to learning how to balance the ups and downs in his life.

Racing is the only time when he feels somewhat in control of his mind and his thoughts, and can experience “true mental peace,” says Peck, adding that the act of racing and the focus attained, is actually part of his treatment regimen.

Tldr; idk man Honestly, my SO suffers from mental illness as well and we find support and understanding in one another.

If there were a site like that, it should focus on people who are in recovery from mental illness and making steps in their lives to move forward.

That's hurtful and very sad that people think that.Things got awkward when it got serious, and got unpleasant when she tried to blackmail me. I wouldn't be there for them and that would make me feel worse than I already do. One mentally ill person in a relationship is enough.A good friend of mine is BPII and her ex is BP-schizoeffective. They would have opposite highs and lows so one person would want to go out, party, a fuck like crazy while the other person just wanted to curl into a ball and sleep.Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.By Linda Childers When Justin Peck gets behind the wheel of his 4-wheel drive race truck, the outside world ceases to exist. He is the owner and driver at Race Pro Technologies that competes in the ‘Lucas Oil Off-Road’ racing series and ‘Best in the Desert’ racing series (and the only pro off-road driver in the state of Utah).

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