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High school football rivalries are a big deal, mmkay?

And if you’re lucky enough to let me show you around where I grew up and the best place to get BBQ, it means A LOT to me…so it should mean a lot to you.

Neymar became a father on August 24, 2011, when his former girlfriend Carolina Nogueira Dantas gave birth to their son: David Lucca da Silva Santos.Our mommas, grandmas and aunts can all make some killer casseroles, biscuits, fried chicken, green beans, grits…ok, is anyone else getting hungry or is it just me?More than likely certain ingredients will come fresh from grandpa’s garden (and they’ll insist you to take home at least five tomatoes).The little boy was born in hospital São Luiz in São Paulo, weighing 2.81 kg and Neymar didn’t lose the unique chance to follow the labor of his first child very closely.The kid’s name was initially planned to be Matheus, but both Neymar and the mother ended up agreeing that David Lucca would be a better fit.

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