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However, the nice envelope system included in the kit and the first lesson I completed both convinced me to try using cash-filled envelopes for some budget areas, such as groceries.

I hope that dealing with cash will help prevent silly impulse buys.

I enjoyed putting pencil to paper, and was happy to see that all of our budget categories were indeed within Dave’s recommended guidelines.

I used to treat any leftover money as a bonus that could be spent on anything; now that money is assigned a specific purpose.

Did you know that financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States?

Financial Peace University is designed in part to strengthen relationships by involving both partners in every aspect of financial planning.

It seemed that many of the people who really knew how to stretch a dollar and stick to a budget had attended Financial Peace University classes, or had read one of his books.

I decided to read Ramsey’s last year, and it really changed my perspective about money.

The membership number included in the kit also allows for online registration where you can access copies of worksheets to print, bonus articles and class video (available to view only if you have signed up for a live class).If you are one of the many people who vowed to improve your financial situation this year, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program can provide the direction you need to help you reach your goals.Although Dave Ramsey is a popular radio personality and best-selling author, it wasn’t until I started to read frugal living blogs that I learned about him.I was unable to find a class that worked with my schedule in time for this review, but I would definitely like to attend a class in the future— with the purchase of a membership kit you may attend a nine-class series at any time.The CDs included in the kit are audio versions of the videos shown during a live class.

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