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There are many older “snow birds” who go south each winter, but there is a new trend among the younger hipster crowd.

They are getting their fun in the sun during those winter months when the crowds are lighter but the lines are shorter.

What's important to know is that each Guru was chosen because they bring something unique.

Each of them have extraordinary skills with women, but those are surpassed by their skills at teaching others how to do the same.

Peer around the corner and you'll spot the self-effacing (but proud) techie-geeks, gamers and nerds.

Descend a flight, and you 'll discover the private dungeon of the Polyamorous (there is even a category status for the poly on OKC known as "Available", which is code word for open-relationship/Swinger.) Don't say we didn't warn you about "available".

There are foodies, college students, gangsta-wannabies, and of course, there are the typical work-a-day schlubs like you and me, simply hoping for a somewhat normal, not-scary date.

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The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to get along. The "Improve Matches" page suggests that you answer the (literally) 3000 optional questions, (if you have no life to attend to).Ok Cupid members often hedge their bets by also cross registering on one paid site such as or also use a a more social networking focused dating site such as How About We or Tinder.We have to say, that this one is easily our favorite in the sea of dating sites. They have a team of Mary Poppins-like specialists who bring the magic of art, self-expression, and multi-generational community to inspire our future leaders regardless of socioeconomic situation and any other challenges.Each morning we set the intention to experience life through the eyes of our heart.

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