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The plot thickens as Adam wonders if Sarif Industries isn't supplying the terrorist despite the fact that David Sarif denies this by explaining that Sarif Industries almost only does military contracts when it comes to weapons.

The biggest suspect becomes FEMA one of Sarif's Competitors.

As the terrorist is about to administer the killing blow, Megan distracts him only to be punched in the face which kills her.

As the labs burn, the terrorist takes out his gun and shoots Adam in the head. He's seen in great pain, getting new augmented legs and arms.

During the mission in Montreal in which Adam Jensen infiltrates a major news station, he finds the way journalists view their profession.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, mankind is freely using cybernetic human augmentations, but it has yet to be determined what their effects on society will eventually be.

Conspiracy theories have been a prominent theme of Deus Ex games, in Human Revolution players can hear about several groups, most notably the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group.

Human Revolution takes place in 2027 and has the player play as Adam Jensen, head of security at Sarif Industries.

Before he can interrogate him, the young terrorist commits suicide as he pleaded for help.

Adam eventually confronts the head of Purity First, Zeke Sanders who denies the augmented terrorist being his, explaining that his plan is to stop all future augmentations.

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