Exodus Not Working on Kodi? Follow These Steps to Fix It

The Exodus Kodi addon is realy good: until it stops working or channels are shut down. You are surprised that Exodus Kodi not working 2017? No wonder, there are a lot of reasons why it is not working and what to do to fix.

Here we have prepared a step-by-step guide how to make your Exodus Kodi addon run again. We have written this article on (7/25/2017), by this time Exodus has been officially removed by designers and developers who picked it up. This addon was updated recently. However, if another developer do not take it this week, the addon will not receive any upgrades in future.

In case you have tried all methods mentioned in this guide and still have spotted some problems in Exodus work, please let us know about that in the comment line in the bottom of the page. We will try to help you, who knows maybe you have a specific trouble and we could find something that will cure the issue.

Disclaimer: This guide is created in order to help users to find content they have already purchased, however, due to this or that reason they are unable to access permanently or temporary due to some reasons. Our company doesn’t hosts, develops, produces any software mentioned in this article. For more, read our full disclaimer here.


1 Before we Proceed

The best way to use Kodi safely is to switch on VPN. Kodi users sometimes can receive copyright infringement papers for streaming through various Apps, so you have to be secured and prepared. If you like staying in privacy, we recommend to use VPN connection – it guarantees 100% privacy for Kodi users. It’s worth noting but a purchasing of 12 month subscription and getting two months free.

2 Where to Find the Latest Exodus Addon Version

If you have an outdated version of Exodus, a simply reinstalling in the same location will not bring expected results. You will need to update your download location and ensure that you are using the most recently updated and working version of the add-on.

We are tracking Exodus addon updates, so you can always get the latest App clicking here to go to our Exodus Kodi addon installation guide.

The last working update of Exodus is Version 3.1.25. It is available the in the Cypher’s Locker repository. The latest version was updated by Kodi developer COLDFIRE.

3 Exodus Not Working on Kodi? Follow These Steps to Fix It

Exodus Kodi not working 2017

Sometimes it is better not to hurry up trying to fix Exodus, sometimes the best soution is to do nothing with Exodus at all. Here are some common issues that can occur with the Exodus Kodi addon and other streaming App like it.

3.1 You See “No Streams Available” Message

In case you get a message “no streams available,” it does not mean that it is an Exodus problem. Here are some reasons you might see this:

      • There really are no streams available. Kodi pulls streams directly from websites. If those websites’ streams are down, you’ll get this message.
      • Content filters. If you’re using public WiFi, there’s a good chance the business providing the wifi has a filter in place that’s preventing you from accessing the streaming sites that Exodus pulls from. Alternatively, you may have a content filter on your on WiFi that’s causing this.
      • Outdated addon version. If you don’t have auto-updates turned on, there’s a chance your Exodusversion is out of date. You may get the “no streams available” message if that’s the case.

3.2 How Do I Fix These Problems?

      • If you are connected to a public WiFi or have a content filter installed, change your connection or try using a VPN. This should bypass the content block in place. However, note that content filtering you may not be able to access a VPN site if you don’t already have one installed.
      • Check your firewall or other software that can filter somehow the data. What this will look like for different users will vary, but you may try to turn off the filter and the firewall completely to see if streams start working. If they do, fine tune the settings so you can stillget proper firewall filtering while allowing access to streaming sources.
      • If you’re using an outdated version of the Exodus addon, simply delete it from your Kodiaddons, or turn on auto-update if you don’t have auto-update turned on. To either delete or turn on Auto-Update, do the following:
        • Go to My App
        • Click on Video App
        • Select Exodus and right-click on it, then click on Information. You’ll see the option to turn on Auto-Update if it’s off or to uninstall.

If you need instructions on reinstalling Exodus, access our Exodus installation guide.

      • You may need to adjust the settings in Exodus as well.  Follow the instructions from above toget to the Exodus options screen where you find Auto-Update or Uninstall, and click onConfigure. Under Configure, do the following:
        • Under General, change Provider Timeout to 60 (this will increase how long it takes to receive the timeout notification when trying to pull a stream).
        • Under Providers, make sure all available are enabled. This will increase the chances that you’ll find a working stream.

3.3 You See an “Exodus Error” Message When Loading Exodus

Sometimes, an error message appears when trying to load the Exodus addon. This would appear as a message on the upper right-hand corner of your screen that says “Exodus Error”,  similar to the one you see here in the top-right corner for the now-defunct “Indigo” addon:

If you have installed an addon similar with Exodus, try to do the auto-update or uninstall and reinstall the addon in the way mentioned above.

Alternatively, Kodi may require reinstalling too in some situations. Only use this as a last-ditch effort, as you may need to re-download and install all of your App. While we have not heard of any errors occurring with the newest version of Exodus, if you are experiencing Exodus errors, a fresh install of Kodi may help clear up programming conflicts.

Exodus only works with Kodi 15 or above, so if you are using Kodi Version 15 or below, it’s time for an upgrade.

3.4 You Have Subtitle Issues

Do you have any other issues with Exodus? We’ve detailed out how to fix that issue in another article. Please refer to our piece: How to Add Subtitles on the Exodus Addon for Kodi.

3.5 You Have Buffering Issues

If you have buffering issues while using Exodus, there’s a possibility that the issue is not actually with Exodus. Check out our guide on How to Stop Kodi Buffering.

3.6 You Only See Older Movies

If you can see only films and data which was added many years ago, you should check what time and date you have installed in the menu.This is more a problem for Kodi TV box users, however, and it can potentially affect other devices, such as tablets.

If something is wrong, you should install a new update or reset settings to default.That process will vary, depending on which type of device you’re using to run Kodi.

3.7 You Can’t Use the Search Function

Unavailable search option is a common issue for Exodus app of old versions. This has since been fixed in newer versions, including the most recent version of Exodus. If you find you cannot use the search function, please install the latest version of Exodus from the Cypher’s Locker repository.

3.8 I Can’t Use Trakt.tv

A Trakt.tv  account adding issue is a common one for Exodus addon users. This problem has also been fixed in a newer update to the addon. If you’re still on an older version and want to use your Trakt.tv account with Exodus, you will need to update to the newer version.

3.9 You Have a Different Issue Than Those Listed Above

Did not find your issue in the list mentioned above? Did you try all of these fixes and find nosolution? Please send us a detailed message (with screenshots, if possible) of your problem. We’ll see if we can find a fix for it.

4 Exodus Support Officially Dropped

The version of Exodus you can download from the Cypher’s Locker repository may be the last version available.

After installing the 3.1.25 COLDFIRE version of Exodus, and then opening up the addon, you will be greeted with the following message:

4.1 What Does This Mean?

Here, COLDFIRE informs you about taking off responsibilities of issues related to the work of Exodus app. In this notification, we find that COLDFIRE is doing three things:

      • Officially letting users know he is no longer providing updates to the Exodus addon
      • Opening up the addon to other developers who may wish to keep it going
      • Providing a legal disclaimer to help absolve himself of any wrongdoing

COLDFIRE’s updates of Exodus Kodi addon are stored in the Agent 47 repository, which is actually offline. Before this, the developer Smash was doing minor updates on the Exodus addon, which at that point was available in this Colossal (Colossus) repository.

4.2 Will Exodus Get New Support?

Now we cannot say for sure that Exodus developers are going to support their addon in future. At present, there are a large number of Exodus forks that have gained popularity. Many developers are choosing to focus their attention on those forks. Exodus has been a part of the Kodi community for some time, and it does maintain a significant level of appreciation among many Kodi users. There is a chance that another developer may choose to recreate or renew support, or even go the route of Genesis as we currently see with Genesis Reborn.

Find out whether another developer is ready to support the application in this article: ExodusKodi addon installation guide, where we primarily house our recent Exodus updates and news.

5 Exodus Alternatives

If you’ve decided Exodus just isn’t working out for you, and you can’t seem to find a solution that fixes your errors, you might want to try another movie and TV show addon. If that’s the case for you, we suggest some of the following alternatives:

5.1 Covenant

Click here to access our Covenant installation guide

Covenant is the most reliable Exodus fork still existing. The third-party addon developer Smash, who was previously providing some updates and fixes for Exodus errors, decided to drop Exodus support in favor of this new Covenant fork. Covenant provides all of the same benefits that you will find with Exodus. The added benefit of switching to Covenant from Exodus is that this addoncurrently has full support from Smash and the developers working with Smash.

Covenant has made Exodus a little bit more popular. To that end, you’ll find all of the same features when you open up Covenant, including an identical menu layout and a very similar visual theme.

5.2 Specto

Click here to access our Specto installation guide

Specto is a program similar to Exodus addon. Like Exodus, you’ll be able to scrape the web for movies and TV shows from a wide variety of sources. Specto also looks and acts similarly to Exodus, so you’ll have no problem working your way through this addon to get to the content you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to easily integrate your Trakt.tv, and IMDb accounts through here.


Click here to access our SALTS installation guide

The SALTS Kodi addon was designed as an  Exodus alternative with the same architecture. Like Exodus, this addon lost and gained developer support, but is currently getting maintained to keep it working. You’ll find that SALTS (Stream All The Sources) lives up to its name, finding far more sources for your streams than most other App.

5.4 Bob

Click here to access our Bob installation guide

Bob is special app with a lot of unique options and possibilities. You’ll find that the Bob Kodi addon, which comes directly from the well-developed and popular Noobsandnerds development team, is well constructed, quirky, and fun to use. This addon offers up a lot of content and makes finding high-quality streams easy. The NaN development team also promises to add in live sports streaming in the future, making this an option you’ll almost certainly want to add to your library.

5.5 Additional Streaming Options

Want something more? You may want to check out our following guides, where we lay out a larger number of popular TV and movie streaming options:

If you’re looking for great live TV options, you may also want to consider the following:

Is there an Exodus fork you’re currently using that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!