False teeth and dating Who like talking about sex in wechat

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But that was not the conservative dental approach, which is always “save the tooth” – at least with patients who have the money for dental work (even if the teeth aren’t worth saving). I dismissed his prediction, thinking I would beat the odds. Despite 25 years of drilling, root canals, caps and bridges, periodontal slicing and dicing and countless days and nights of swollen-faced misery, my teeth progressively worsened.

Fifty-five seemed a long way off and anyway, what were the options? I eventually wound up with partial dentures that were studded with more and more false teeth.

Before springing for the bridgework, I asked another dentist for a second opinion.

They’re more affordable, too, though far from cheap. I take out my dentures at night (at least when I’m alone) and put them back in every morning.

The last time my daughter stayed over, I experimented with toughing it out and left the dentures in their container in the bathroom overnight.

Someone posted the other day about meeting someone she'd been talking to online & then finding out he had bad teeth from MMA & asking if it was a deal breaker for people. What if you met someone, and they were everything you'd been looking for & had perfect teeth (or breasts, stomach etc) & you found out the teeth were dentures/the perfect chest was a boob job etc?

I don't fault people for wanting enhancements: boob jobs, nose jobs, etc. Affect is a verb: this affects me, I was affected, etc.

It's not my place to judge, and it wouldn't turn me off from them. I wouldn't stop dating someone because they had false teeth or fake breasts. The exception is that affect used another way can be a noun, like a schizophrenic person having flat affect.

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