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Only PKCS12 files with a blank import password can be opened!

When using PEM, you have to specify the private key via is set, then authorization header is always sent to the server. If user name is embedded but password is missing in URI, aria2 tries to resolve password using .netrc.

using the wizard, and get the SHA-1 fingerprint from the Information dialog corresponding to that new certificate. The file name consists of SHA-1 hash hex string of meta data plus extension. Default: Download file only when the local file is older than remote file.

The certificate must be either in PKCS12 (.p12, .pfx) or in PEM format.

Configuring this option with your preferred download speed can increase your download speed in some cases. This option has effect only when Bit Torrent Magnet URI is used.

The file name is hex encoded info hash with suffix ".torrent".

If a hash of entire file is provided, hash check is only done when file has been already download. If hash check fails, file is re-downloaded from scratch.

If both piece hashes and a hash of entire file are provided, only piece hashes are used.

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