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Our findings in any investigation conducted shall be conclusive, final and binding on you and shall not be opened for questioning in any event.Communication We shall be entitled from time to time to contact you via electronic transmission (including, but not limited to email communication, telex, fax), short messaging services (‘SMS”), or via telephone correspondence, and any other means of exchange communication in respect of, but not limited to, the confirmation of transactions, whether or not you transacted the same, status of your Membership, your Account, BIG Points, and communication on promotions with regards the BIG Loyalty.Any BIG Points accumulated and/or remaining in your Account at the time of cancellation will be forfeited.Variation of Terms We may at any time vary, revise, amend, withdraw, substitute, add or remove any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.Events of Default We may suspend, block, revoke and/or terminate your Membership, your access to the Website, your participation in the BIG Loyalty, your BIG Member ID and/or any of the services offered (including the forfeiture of accumulated BIG Points) with or without prior notice notwithstanding that we may have waived our rights on some previous occasion upon the occurrences of any or more of the following events, including but not limited to:– if you use your Membership and BIG Member ID for any unlawful activities; or if you commit or threaten to commit a default or breach of any terms or conditions set out in this Agreement; or if you have furnished false or misleading information or data to us, including false information concerning your personal information and details; or if in our absolute opinion, your Account has not been operated satisfactorily or used for fraudulent purposes; or if we have noticed irregular, suspicious or unauthorized activity in relation to accumulation of BIG Points; or if an event or events has or have occurred or a situation exists which should or might in our opinion prejudice your ability to perform your obligations under this Agreement; or if we in our absolute discretion decide to cancel or terminate the use of your Membership, your participation in the BIG Loyalty , your BIG Member ID, or if there has been suspected or actual fraud and/or suspected or actual abuse relating to the accumulation of BIG Points by you.In such circumstances, any accumulated BIG Points shall be forfeited and we shall cancel your Membership, your BIG Member ID and, your participation in the BIG Loyalty.

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Transaction History Transaction history in the form of activities list detailing your BIG Points, shall be available online under your Account profile on the Website.

BIG, Air Asia and/or Tune Money shall also be entitled to send you offers, promotional and marketing material with regards the BIG Loyalty from time to time.

Any telephone calls placed by us to you will not be deemed as unsolicited calls by you.

From time to time we may monitor and/or record telephone calls between you and us.

You agree that the monitoring and/or recording may be done and that no additional notice to you or additional approval from you is required.

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