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This status would allow him to attend and receive free transportation to memorial services, contribute to an entry in a memorial book, and receive a grant with which to memorialize Maisel.Steiner had argued that the benefits are given to live-in heterosexual partners and that, according to the Danilowitz precedent, homosexual partners are equally entitled to them.While being questioned, Schlissel asserted that he did not accept the rulings and authority of the Israeli courts because they were not based in the Torah.One of Schlissel's victims, 16 year old Shira Banki, died of her stab wounds a few days after the attack.Israel was ranked as the seventh happiest place in the world for gay men to live on the first ever annual Gay Happiness Index in 2015, which surveyed over 115,000 gay men in 127 countries.The survey named Iceland as the country in which gay men feel most accepted and happiest to live in, followed by their Nordic neighbors Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

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Following the opening of the mixed-gender prayer space at Robinson's Arch, transexual Jewish people could pray for the first time without fear of having to misgendering themselves at the Kotel.There were two main issues: Did the program present homosexuality in a one-sided manner that encouraged teens to try it themselves?Was the program appropriate for an educational series?Steiner’s attorney argued that the law does not rule out common-law spouses of the same sex and that the IDF’s position was discriminatory.The committee ruled that a woman in Steiner’s position would be eligible for the benefits—as the law applies to both married and common-law spouses—and that he was being denied them merely because he is male.

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