Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon – How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi

It  is not good for a well-known Kodi App to get in the outsiders list. However, they can always manage to reborn and show how good Genesis may be. It is all about the GenesisReborn Kodi addon, an extremely popular addon for TV with movie streaming function that was generally pretty good. However, Genesis Reborn is the “rebirth”version  of an older Kodi addon called Genesis. Genesis Reborn gives you a chance to get a high-quality TV and movie streaming for Kodi.

Here we have introduced the best methods on the Kodi Genesis install. We also have prepared a detailed guide on this addon’s sections and features to help you understand what you can get from this addon.

Note: If you are an owner of original Genesis Reborn version(released in March 2017),

Disclaimer: This guide is created in order to help users to find content they have already purchased, however, due to this or that reason they are unable to access permanently or temporary due to some reasons. Our company doesn’t hosts, develops, produces any software mentioned in this article. For more, read our full disclaimer here.



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Genesis Reborn is stored in several super-repositories, so you can download it directly in the zip file, stored on Github. Given the somewhat chaotic and unpredictable nature of Kodi addon repositories in recent months, you’ll find several different installation methods listed below.

The easiest way is to get it through the Jesusbox repository which contains the latest version (based on our check, July 10, 2017). The other methods include earlier versions which may or may not work. Should you find that none of these methods work for you, please let us know. We’ll investigate the issue and attempt to find a solution if one exists.


Jesus Box is background of Genesis Reborn addon, which you will find in the last versions of this addon in their repository.

Here is Kodi Genesis install guide (using the Jesusbox repo):

        • Open Kodi, and then click on the Settings Gear Symbol (top left)
        • Go to File manager
        • Select Add source
        • Click on <none> and enter the following web address exactly as written here:
        • Give the repository link a name at the bottom (such as Jesus Box)
        • Go back to your Kodi home screen, and then click on Addons
        • Click on the Package Symbol at the top left
        • Select Install from zip
        • On the first screen, find your Jesus Box website connection and click on it
        • Click on the zip file for Jesus Box to install the repository
        • Head back to the screen where you found Install from zip and then click on Install fromrepository
        • Locate the Jesusbox Repository and click on it
        • Select Video App
        • Locate and click on Genesis Reborn and then click on Install
      • You will receive a successful installation message on the top right when the addon is finished installing. It will be located with the rest of your video App


The Kodil repository is also known as universal or super repository, as it contains a huge number of Apps of different developers.

To install Genesis Reborn through Kodil, do the following:

        • From your Kodi home screen, click on the Settings Gear Symbol (top left)
        • Click on File manager
        • Select Add source
        • Click on <none> and enter the following web address: (make sure to enter this exactly as written, or your connection to the site through Kodi will not work)
        • At the bottom, give the repository a name, if one has not already appeared (such as Kdil or Kodil)
        • Return to your Kodi home screen, and then click on Addons
        • Select the Package Symbol at the top left
        • Click on Install from zip
        • On the first screen, find your Kdil (or Kodil) website connection and click on it
        • Click on to install the Kodil repository
      • Return to the screen where you found Install from zip and then click on Install fromrepository
      • Locate your Repository and click on it
      • Select Video App
      • Locate and click on Genesis Reborn and then click on Install
      • You will receive a successful installation message on the top right when the addon is finished installing. It will be located with the rest of your video App.


If you download a zip file make sure that you can still get the addon, even if housing have gone down. However, note that when you install the zip file directly, you may be missing the needed dependencies that also come with the addon and are often installed alongside that addon through the repositories. We’ll explain a bit more about this issue later.

To install Genesis Reborn through a direct ZIP download, do the following:

      • Go to the following web address
      • Click on the latest version of the Genesis Reborn zip file
      • On the next screen, click on Download
      • Open Kodi, and then go to Addons
      • Click on the Package Symbol
      • Click on Install from zip
      • Locate your saved Genesis Reborn zip file in your downloads folder and click on it to install.
      • You will get a successful installation message on the top right of your screen. After seeing the message, you’ll find Genesis Reborn with the rest of your Kodi video App.


When you launch the Genesis Reborn addon for the first time, you will see a simple and long list of menu options. You should see all of the following (unless Genesis has been updated):

      • Genesis Reborn Movies
      • Genesis Reborn TV Shows
      • My Genesis Reborn Movies
      • My Genesis Reborn TV Shows
      • Genesis Reborn New Movies
      • Genesis Reborn New TV Shows
      • Genesis Reborn Channels
      • Genesis Reborn Tools
      • Genesis Reborn Search Menu

Genesis Reborn has the same principles you will find on other TV and movie Apps. The addon works by using an auto resolver to scrape the web, looking for content streamers that provide the specific TV or movie show listed. If it finds a match, it will list it.

After Genesis Reborn searches all available streams, it will show you a list of available stream sources. Streams are shown with either an “HD” next to them for options with high definition, or simply give the streaming source name when that source only gives the stream in standard definition.

Below, we give a brief overview of what benefits users might find from each section.


The Genesis Reborn has a lot to offer for movie fans in Movies section. Users can look for movies based on genre, year, actor or actress names and more. The movies section also includes more individualized sections for new, trending, and top-rated films.


The TV Shows inGenesis Reborn is designed so that you could find a TV show you like wasting less than a minute. As with the Movies section, users can browse through the sections for genres, featured shows, and popular shows. Anyone turning to Genesis Reborn forTV content will also find a useful calendar that can be used to search for new content, as well as a section for shows that are airing today.

The TV Shows has a TV Guide option too, which is not so different from the calendar. You’ll find a listing of current shows here, but not too dissimilar from what you’ll find in the calendar and “On TV Today” sections. Use the TV Guide for more specific information on episode numbers and which shows airing right now.


“My Genesis Reborn” is a section that stores all films and programs you have added in the favourite list on your account and IMDb. You cannot use either of these two sections without first linking either your or IMDb accounts to your Genesis Reborn addon. You can add these integrations in the addon settings by going to Tools > Accounts from the main menu in the addon.


New Movies section stores files released in this and previous year. The cutoff time for movies listed here is specifically movies from the previous year. If you are looking for movies prior to that year, you’ll need to search through the regular movie section.

For example, you’ll find 2017 and 2016 movies if you’re looking through New Movies section anytime during the 2017 calendar year but will not find any films from 2015 or earlier.


New TV Shows option will show you TV shows airing right now. You can find all currently available episodes through here. The New Shows section has a similar cutoff method used in the New Movies section, although you will not find dates listed next to most shows found here.


GenesisReborn Channels section can help you with finding online streams. Here, Genesis Reborn lists a handful of movie channels that only stream movies. You’ll find a few genre-specific channels, although most given here are simply generic movie streaming options with no particular thematic focus.


There is a Setting section where you can change settings up to your needs and preferences. If you need to personalize your Genesis Reborn addon and adjust the settings, using the Tools section will make things a bit faster. The tools section is split into five areas: General, Accounts, Playback, Subtitles, and Providers.

The “General” section is responsible for outlook and skins settings, such as appearance, timeout options, and fanart settings.

The “Accounts” section gives you an opportunity to add some accounts from and IMDb. You can also connect a account and some debrid services.

The “Playback” settings provide you the option to adjust how your video plays back, including the option to adjust what video quality options you receive. You can also disallow providers with Captchas here, which is a huge boon to speed up the process for finding working streams.

“Subtitles” and “Providers” sections are obvious. In these sections, you can adjust which subtitles you receive and in what language, and can select which websites your GenesisReborn addon will scrape from for content.


Genesis Reborn has a search engine for searching movies and TV shows separately. This helps prevent receiving too many options to sift through withone search term.


In case you have downloaded Genesis Reborn via zip file, you may receive a message informing about missing dependencies. Many Kodi App utilize different dependencies to stream content. Quite often, the needed dependencies are located in the repositories where those App are located.

If the addon is installed correctly through a zip file download, it may still suffer from a lack of files that addon needs to work effectively. To get the most out of your App, try to opt for a repository download first. If you downloaded Genesis Reborn through zip directly, go back and install it through a working repository. You may find some of your errors have cleared up after doing so.


Is Genesis Reborn not quite what you expected or hoped? You might find some benefit in using a few popular and functioning Genesis Reborn alternatives.

Consider the following options:


Kodi Genesis Install

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The Elysium Kodi addon  – an extremely reliable and high quality addon. You’ll find a similar format and function on Elysium, which is not surprising. Elysium, which was once known as Zen, is based on the same architecture as the original Genesis addon. Elysium works well, with a quality scraper and good configuration settings.


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