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In a similar way after marriage, the Ghanaian man shifts his attention to his work because for him success at work makes him a better lover.His focus is to put food on the table and take good care of his wife. He has no time for me." In all these cases the man acted as a hunter then as zoo keeper. The interest you show in his work and the encouragement you give makes him a better love.

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We look at the top 10 dating apps on the Google Play Store. This post originally appeared as part of’s “Valentine Special” series in February.

They made quality time to connect emotionally with their spouses. Be a sweet lover your woman dreams to have and let your love last a lifetime. Ghanaian men needs to show their wives the affection. Whenever i changed my hairstyl he gives compliment, telling me how beautiful or...

A happy marriage promotes success in your work and if you are happy in your work your marriage is enhanced. Women love to hear their husbands saying things verbaly.

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