Grasshopper and dating someone

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I hate that I seem to be wired in this f**ed up way.Two questions: I want to be friends, so does she, and we said we wouldn't be in contact for a while in order to make the transition.

My girlfriend (can't bring myself to say ex yet) emailed me today - first time since the breakup last week- and it broke my heart. In the past, it has kept me in really bad relationships too long- its not enough, it has even been destructive. i don't know if it'll help you, but at least you can know that you're not alone in wondering why, in being angry at yourself for not feeling what you just don't feel, and in not understanding why you don't feel it. I think as the dumper, I'd still feel the same about her if I got back with her, as the same red flags are present (at least in my mind). From what I've read - and experienced, these 'creeps' you speak of know exactly how to manipulate you so as to keep you coming back for more.

__________________ fng ------------------------------------------------- I'm gonna break these chains around my broken heart.

You could have had it once but you tore it all apart. I'm not going to let you wear your crown this time around.

I know she loves me, i'm not looking for evidence of that.

I simply want to be helpful to her if I can be and I don't want to block her out if doing so woudl be hurtful to her.

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