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After she did that, though as part of graduating her military draft, most of them would get married and assume, unles in dire need or if she is a special specimen a mostly domestic role of homemaker.

Scythians relied on horse archery and cavalry tactics mostly so this also explains why females were important asset in war.

Besides, women are more important for the tribe as those who give birth, they wouldn't be the first choice to send into battle (apart from possessing less physical strength, etc) as warriors, risking their death.

If I remember Tacitus right, he mentioned about the Germanic tribes that the women who handed the warriors their shields and weapons, shield maidens and wives, I take it, also showed them their breasts to make them fight Their traditions tell that more than once, when a German line was wavering on the point of giving way, the women rallied it, urgently entreating the men to fight on, baring their breasts and crying out that their captivity was at hand Because Tacitus, unlike the History Channel and its agenda, praised some of the virtues of the enemy.

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Their robust and big bone frames provided them with plenty of space to carry kids and their strong muscle floors could handle the stress.

They have advantage in marksmanship and are smaller targets than men and easier for horse to carry so they are more agile in combat.

Women assumed their judeo-christian gender roles and gynocratic priviledges (ladies first, she is always right, women are virtuous by nature falacy, dont hit a woman, white knighting for women, etc etc) when competition between men reached an absurd level so men created a sort of artificial safe environment and a basically provided for leisurly welfare lifestyle in first situations of abundance.

Many people here also have a stupid idea that human biology is set in stone or that what they see today in their country is default. 150 years ago women got their periods on average 4 years later than today and men were 10-15cm shorter than today. Our genetics reacts to external stimulus in ways we dont understand.

Women who have their periods earlier dont have as long of puberty as men do, the longer the puberty the more developed the female (and male) is.

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