Hiv positive professionals dating

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But there isn't a rule about how long after you've met someone that you have to tell them.

(Gay man, United Kingdom) Unless they totally understand the situation and are totally educated on the problem, both totally educated on the do’s and don’ts of this problem, they’ll say ‘no’ [to sexual activity] and then they’ll go...

Although this coded or implicit disclosure may lead to miscommunication, this may not be evident to either partner at the time of HIV-related risk-taking.

I’d been openly taking my pills in front of this guy I’d been seeing for weeks. When I said I was off to my HIV doctor that afternoon it suddenly became apparent that this was not the case.

For some individuals it is likely that nondisclosure was tied to denial of HIV status and what the implications of that status might mean in terms of safe sex practices.

The tension between the need to maintain control over personal information and the moral and ethical obligation to warn others of the potential for HIV-related risk is at the core of the debate about the use of criminal law to encourage disclosure or punish non-disclosure of one’s HIV-positive status.

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This content was checked for accuracy at the time it was written.Numerous recent studies demonstrate that there are many valid cultural reasons why individuals do not disclose their HIV status, including fear of domestic violence, fear of familial or partner abandonment, and community rejection.These real impacts make disclosure of one’s status nearly impossible for many, particularly for newly diagnosed individuals who are already trying to absorb the shock of their possible death.In January 2006 I went for VCT [voluntary counseling and testing]. (Mercy Z, Zambia, 2007) It's so easy to lose everything you’ve got because you disclose your information and then it goes like a domino ..then what you gonna do?Can’t get a job, can’t get a girlfriend, can’t do nothing.

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