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The Kingship rotated among the various tribes and at the time of Turlough was held by Donnchadh Ua Cearbaill (O’Carroll).

Other leading families of the Airgialla included: Mac Cann, Mac Ardle, Mac Casey, Mac Nally, Mac Conville, (Mac) Crilly, (Mac) Cullen, (Mac) Loy, (Mac) Gillespie, Mac Mahon, (Mac) Quaid/Wade, (Mac) Scanlan, (O) Callan, (O) Keenan, (O) Cosgrave, (O) Crehan, (O) Lynn, (O) Finn, (O) Flanagan, (O) Garvey, (O) Hanlon , (O) Hare, (O) Sherry, Fagan, (O) Rogan, (O) Creehan, (O) h Aedha, (O) Keelaghan and Traynor.

In last week’s newsletter we introduced Turlough O’Connor – High King of Ireland up to 1156.

The other leading families of Connaught at this time were: Mac Hugh, (Mac) Egan, Mac Brennan, Mac Hale, (Mac) Cunneen, (Mac) Conneely, Gaffney, (Mac) Conroy, Mac Dermot, Mac Donagh, Keogh , Mac Manus, (Mac) Garry, (O) Boland, Coyne, (O) Cannon, (O) Cahill, (O) Keane , (O) Kelly, (O) Canavan, (O) Carney , (O) Kenny, (O) Clery, Coleman, (O) Coffey, Quigley, Conlon, (O) Conway, (O) Connelly, Conlon, (O) Cosgrave, Coogan, (O) Coolihan, (O) Curran, (O) Devlin, (O) Donnell, (O) Donlan, (O) Donohoe, (O) Duggan, (O) Dowd, Dolan, (O) Downey, (O) Fallon, Fahy, (O) Feeney, (O) Finn, Finnegan, (O), Flannery, O’Gara, (O) Glavin, (O) Hanley, O’Hara, (O)Henaghhan, (O) Hynes, (O) Horan, (O) Lavin, (O) Lynch, (O) Malley, Mannion, Molloy, Mullan, O’Mullally, Moran, Murray, Morris, (O) Ratigan, (O) Shaughnessy, (O) Tarpy, (O) Tierney, (O) Kilkelly, (O) Carney, (O) Gaughan, (O) Murphy and Mac Clancy.Now, let’s take a brief tour (we’ll take a much longer tour in our book ) around these kingdoms and just some of the surnames associated with them.Please do leave your comments and questions at the end of this post!The Kingdom of Desmumu (South Munster) came about in 1118 with the further rise to power of the Dal g Cais tribe of north Munster.Munster was divided into Tuadmumu – ruled by the O’Briens, and Desmumu – ruled by the Mac Carthy Mors (one of a number of Mac Carthy tribes).

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