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The 69-year-old described in heartbreaking detail how he said goodbye to his son earlier in the day during their last face-to-face visit.'We started the day not knowing what was going to happen, believing that Governor Greg Abbott would commute the sentence but not knowing.'We drove to the prison for what could have been our last 2 hour visit and we started the visit kind of upbeat, expecting there to be a notification at any moment but nothing came and as the visit wore on, it became more and more obvious that one wasn't going to come.'So by the time the visit ended at noon we were aware that this very well may be our last opportunity to see each other. We touched the glass with our hands and said goodbye and then we left and drove to Huntsville where the execution would take place and he was taken by a five-car parade to Huntsville to be prepared for the execution.' In 2003, Bart ordered the killings of his older brother Kevin and his wife Patricia.The plan was for Kent to die too but he survived from gunshots inflicted by the two hitmen his son had hired who were waiting inside their home when they returned one night from dinner.

“Our bipartisan legislation will help make sure that prison telecommunication rates are fair so family members can more easily afford to stay in touch with incarcerated loved ones, improving the odds that rehabilitated offenders will be able to become productive members of society upon their release,” Duckworth said in a statement announcing the bill.“It’s shameful that the FCC has stalled in its efforts to right this wrong,” Rosenworcel said in a statement emailed to .“So it’s good news that Senators Duckworth, Portman, Booker, and Schatz have stepped in and are leading the way to a fix with this legislative effort.” Criminal justice reform advocates say the lack of competition in the market for inmate calling services is a main cause of sky-high prison phone costs — hence the need for rate caps.Kent Whitaker appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Friday with his second wife Tanya to share their relief at Texas Governor Greg Abbott's decision not to execute his son Bart.In 2003, Bart orchestrated the murder of his brother and mother in a hitman plot which he set up hoping to inherit his family's fortune.

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